Get your junk out of the trunk

bandits_cartoon_2073562I have been warned by the local authorities that with the holiday season there are a lot of reports of laptops and gear bags being stolen from the trunks of cars.  This has always been a problem but I’m told it’s getting much worse with the holiday season getting thieves anxious to get their hands on your gear.  The rash of thefts are occuring during the lunch hour at popular restaurants.  The innovative thieves are using electronic trunk openers they can get on the Internet and they walk around the parking lot popping the opener until something opens.  A lot of professionals leave their briefcases and gear bags in the trunk of the car and these bad guys are getting them by simply pushing a button.  Authorities are strongly encouraging us to not leave our gear in the car- take it in with you to keep it safe.  That’s our public service announcement for the day.


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