Daily Sprout

Senate Could Snip Green Strings Attached to Auto Bailout: They made it through the House, but environmental clauses included in the $14 billion bailout plan for the auto industry may not survive a Senate vote. — Daily Green

Local Governments Vie for Energy-Efficient Public Works Projects: City and county leaders want the incoming administration to invest $18 billion of Federal Transit Administration money in clean-energy projects just waiting for “the cha-ching.” — Washington Post

Slipping Confidence in Renewable Energy Technologies: A new survey shows climate experts now have less faith in the potential for alternative energy to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere over the next 25 years than they did a year ago. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Georgia Cleantech: Suniva opened a solar cell factory in the Atlanta metro area today and plans to create more than 100 jobs at the plant by the end of next year. — Press Release

Let the Predictions Begin: Terry Tamminen of Pegasus Capital Advisors predicts three sustainability trends for 2009: labels, virtual meetings, and zero waste. — Fast Company