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BlackLight Says It's Signed County Coop As First Customer

BlackLight Power — that startup with a supposedly physics-defying fuel-cell technology and $60 million in funding — says this morning that it has signed its first commercial license agreement with Estacado Energy Services, a subsidiary of Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative. Roosevelt is a small utility coop in east central New Mexico that serves eight communities, six of which boast populations of less than 300 persons and two of which are counties that have populations under 20,000.

The licensing agreement is definitely not a game-changing coup for the startup, but it demonstrates that there are utilities out there willing to take a chance on an experimental technology. BlackLight says Estacado will use its technology in a non-exclusive license to produce a maximum continuous thermal power up to 250 MW. Other than that, very little is explained in BlackLight’s press release, including when the fuel cell technology would be implemented or the cost of the deal, and we’re waiting to hear back from BlackLight and Roosevelt on the details.

BlackLight, based in Cranbury, N.J., says it’s working on technology that pushes an electron closer to the nucleus by way of a catalytic reaction, resulting in a huge amount of clean energy. Blacklight says it can use water as a fuel by electrolyzing it into hydrogen and producing hundreds of times more energy than hydrogen combustion would yield. And it says it can produce power from water for pennies.

There’s a lot of controversy over BlackLight’s process as it defies certain laws of quantum physics. Blacklight’s founder and CEO, Randell Mills, has been creating controversy in the world of physics for years. But BlackLight is insisting that its technology is legit; the company says it has created a 50,000-watt prototype and has had its technology validated by Rowan University researchers. The company also says it’s raised $60 million from individual investors.

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  1. Lebirchan

    I believe the process developed at BlackLight Power Inc are using a Raney Nickel variant as catalyst. The released energy in form of heat happens when hydrogen atoms join into hydrogen molecules. The process has been validated independantly by professor Peter Jansson at Rowan University. His experiments confirm the BlackLight power Inc claims. The discussion about the theory behind the process is a discussion to be settled later. Howerver it is important to look at the setup presented in the video and professor Janssons report ios studied carefully. Also study the setup on BlackLight Power Website.
    The process uses water as fuel.

    Now here is the important part. Nicholas Moller has in the abstract from his book “Irving Langmuir and the Atomic Hydrogen” where Irving Langmuir describe in detail a similar process as the one described by BlackLight Power Inc. Irving Langmuir a Nobel Prize Winner in 1932 hower used tungsten to make his process work. The process was validated by Niels Bohr an other Nobel Prize Winner.

    Please comment after having read the abstract published Nicholas Moller and studied the other two websites.