O2 Xda Flint appears- it’s an Advantage


The O2 website is now offering a unique Windows Mobile 6.1-based clamshell device that has some decent specs.  The O2 Xda Flint has a detachable keyboard, 5-inch VGA touchscreen, 624 MHz processor, ATI graphics, 16 GB internal flash memory, 3 MP camera, quadband radios and integrated GPS.  If you’re thinking this is a re-badged HTC Advantage then you would be correct. 




Hey James can I ask you a question? I start the Nursing Program shortly at my school, and I would like to do a blog while I am in the Nursing Program. I used my HTC Advatage a lot and would like to be able to use the HTC advantage for blogging, including being able to upload pictures directly from the Advantage that I took to the blogspace/post. What Blog space would be best to use for this? Free would be best, heh. Could you email me at: rgs_leader@yahoo.com?

SImon Bamber

Well I have had a Samsung Q1 Ultra now for sometime and my phone is due an upgrade. Besides GPS, what can this offer that my UMPC can’t…


I still want the first htc advantage but then I want a Samsung q1 ultra but then I want a netbook.

It is difficult being a Ultramobile Geek.

Raphael Salgado aka BeyondtheTech

And I take it that, with all its impressive technical specifications, this device isn’t “robust” enough to get Windows Mobile 7 and/or Internet Explorer Mobile 6 if/when it gets released. Meh.

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