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How eBay Stopped Being Recession-proof

What’s happened to eBay?

During the previous recession, the company thrived, partly because it was still young and growing, but mostly because it offered a place for some people to raise a few bucks quick by selling off their stuff and for others to find bargains that were often better than Amazon (s amzn) — or anywhere else, for that matter.

Take a look at this chart. It shows eBay’s (s ebay) stock against the Nasdaq in 2001 and 2002. This was eBay just before its peak, when it was a freewheeling, town square bazaar where entrepreneurs, hucksters and oddballs met and in many ways, a cultural phenomenon. Hardly a week passed when some bizarre item for sale didn’t make headlines.


Fast-forward to the past year, and our current recession, as exemplified in the chart below. Things have reversed. The performance of the Nasdaq is once again abysmal, but it’s still doing better then eBay.


In the first week of December, the heart of both holiday shopping and hard times, online traffic was up 9 percent at major online retail sites overall , according to comScore. Amazon’s traffic rose 10 percent and Apple’s (s aapl) surged 29 percent. But eBay’s traffic fell 9 percent.

The shift is a direct result of eBay CEO John Donahoe’s strategy to make eBay more friendly for shoppers. Over the past year, eBay has de-emphasized auctions and put more focus on “buy-it-now,” fixed-price sales.

By instituting a series of dramatic changes in policies and fees, eBay intended to shore up sales. Instead, it may have blunted its unique edge in online auctions and plunged headlong into another market where competition is much more intense. In grooming eBay to be more like Amazon’s merchants, Donahoe has created a competitor, but one that is growing more slowly. Indeed, analysts are starting to question the wisdom of the move. This morning, one downgraded eBay while another cut earnings estimate for the year, noting that the transition to fixed prices from auctions is being hurt by the recession.

In some ways, the strategy makes sense. I, for one, never took to eBay’s auctions, preferring the simplicity of “buy it now.” And while I recognize that eBay is now a safer environment to purchase things, I still compare its prices and seller ratings with those of Amazon and other sites before making a purchase.

So as a consumer, I welcome Donahoe’s changes. But I still wonder if he didn’t make a big blunder for eBay itself. Legions of buyers loved the thrill of winning an eBay auction, the eclectic collection of strange things for sale, and the feeling of wandering around an open market where nearly anything might happen.

The freewheeling bazaar is fading away. Instead, we are left with something that is, for better or worse, less dangerous.

We are left with just another strip mall on the Internet.

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  1. Fire ebay’s CEO, John Donahoe, Now, before it’s too late!

    Search the internet for “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO”


    see what ebay/Paypal’s own employees are saying about the corruption by going to glassdoordotcom!

  2. ebay seller

    The problem with ebay is they are trying to do too much change in too short a period and there business plan is not sound .When they rolled out the new fixed price format I got calls and emails encouraging be to convert my store listings and auctions to fixed price format .Now about a week ago they send me a email telling me unless I am selling more than one item in the listing that I should use the auction format ???????????????This is the problem here instead of coming up with sound policies they constantly tinker which just creates confusion .What made ebay a giant is that it was a good CHEAP selling format when it started .It grew as fast and as large as it is beacuase it was CHEAP !!!! When I started on ebay my costs per item were about 3 to 5 percent now they are 20%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can only squeeze a lemon so much at some point it will run out of juice which is exactly what is happening with ebay now

  3. I had just started my selling career on eBay when it was cut short in January by the changes. Too expensive, too complicated to list, too risky and arbitrary.

    One question for Mr. Donahoe-if I can accept PayPal on other sites without my money being held for 21 days or longer, why would I sell with PayPal required on eBay, where that can happen? Particularly when the other sites are either free or have FVFs in the 2-3% range rather than the extortionate 9-15% you put into place this year? Small sellers can do the math, unlike eBay’s executives. One crucial equation in particular that they missed-every small seller driven off equals at least one BUYER no longer using the site. Small sellers WERE the buyers, many of them selling on eBay so that they could afford to buy on eBay. With no money from sales and all the interesting, quirky merchandise gone, they have no reason to patronize eBay-and that’s before you take into consideration the simmering resentment and rage at the way they’ve been treated. So there are probably actually multiple buyers lost for each small seller, as family and friends pay heed to the bad publicity. Never before has so much goodwill been squandered! Ebay has priced and reinvented itself into irrelevance this year. 2009 is going to see Bonanzle, Etsy and others continue their growth at the expense of the site that used to be the behemoth of auctions, because IT left eBay a year ago.

    Another question for Mr. Donahoe-if you wanted to CEO an Amazon wannabee, why didn’t you just find or start one, instead of ruining something that wasn’t broken?

  4. Well, as a long-time Ebayer I’ve certainly lost faith in it – as a seller it’s getting harder to put stuff up for sale, and the way the feedback works – every transaction is a risk-the-business one for the seller. As a buyer, I’ve seen items I’m interested in drop (in my standard search) from 250 to about 75 to browse. I guess if ebay gives up on the one thing that set it apart in the e-commerce world (its weird and wonderful auctions that got the clicks and the eyeballs) it’s going to be a big adjustment – I see little point in selling there now and the stuff to buy – well, mostly like stuff you can get at WalMArt, or lots of other places – too bad, it was great and interesting while it lasted.

  5. Patricia013

    RicRoe nailed it, as usual. Now, it seems small sellers’ biggest effort should be in getting their buyers away from Ebay. Buyers notoriously do NOT want to suffer a learning curve. Even faced with the simple task of registering at a new site and finding you is often overwhelming to them and so they continue to hunt on Ebay in the ever dwindling supply of small sellers. I say make a list of ALL your past customers and email them and encourage them to seek you out at your new venue. Sign up with Ina and David Steiners “” then you only need give your customers one URL link and they can immediately see and go to everywhere you are selling. We have been telling the public all year about the turmoil at Ebay and about their callous treatment of small sellers. Now we need to turn our energy on getting OUR customers away from that site and onto the smaller sites where they can get better deals and fairer treatment and where we can operate our businesses without the nonsensical and greedy interference from Ebay.

  6. annonymous

    @Wanda, I wish you were correct about this:

    …there are few mistakes made as concerns matters of this magnitude.

    But you aren’t. A culture of conformity, myopia, and cronyism are the rule at eBay. If you were a rank-and-file person with research and analysis clearly showing that eBay was going down the wrong path… well, if you weren’t on track to advance, you were simply ignored. Or if you yelled loudly enough, you were screwed.

    Or, if by some miracle your analysis was listened to in some way, the path from insight to action to end product is so convoluted and lengthy that it’s nearly impossible to be responsive to eBay’s audience even in the best of times. And in bad times, it leaves them completely flatfooted.

    So to Wanda, Nan, johnhiggins and other eBay users, trust me when I say that it makes a lot of us heartsick to know that we couldn’t help steer a site and community we were devoted to, especially when we had clear evidence that the decisions being made within the last four+ years would not serve you well. Because mostly , we were forced to become politically savvy so we could glean some learnings, beef our resume and move on to make a real difference someplace else.

  7. So many very good comments and insights here… one has to wonder if this apparent take-down wasn’t also controlled. I am learning that a healthy dose of skepticism is a very good thing and there are few mistakes made as concerns matters of this magnitude. A bigger question is what is the end game?

  8. Everyone is quick to point to the current economy when discussing recent declines in Internet Sales Volume, especially the dramatic decline at eBay.

    eBay however, has no excuse to hide behind the economy declining curtain, except for the fact the CEO is unwilling to admit he had led the marketplace down the wrong path.

    Draconian policies and failing infrastructure combined with search that returns irrelevant results, and the worlds worst customer service has been slowly bringing eBay down for years.

    Enter Mr Donahoe and his “new coke – green ketchup – disruptive innovation’ plan for eBay, and the skids of failure received a new layer of grease.

    Ebay has historically out performed the brick and mortar retail segment as well as the stock market during past recessions.

    When times got tough, buyers used to flock to eBay in search of incredible deals on unique items as well as scoop up second hand goods to help stretch their dollar.

    Then came John Donahoe, the killer of small sellers, the eBay suicide king, leader of the gang that could not shoot straight.

    Under Mr Donahoe’s leadership, eBay is being converted into a high priced shopping mall at the very time that retailers of new merchandise are filing for bankruptcy in numbers never seen before due to a lack of buyers.

    Mr Donahoe’s choice to eviscerate the core of eBay by purging small sellers could not have come at a worse time.

    eBay’s quarterly reports are dismal and it’s stock price which has seen its value drop by 2/3 since Donahoe assumed control, sinks to a new low almost every week. Page views have reached new lows – down 30% Oct 2008 compared to Oct 2007.

    This decline at eBay started to set in long before the economy displayed signs of recession, and runs completely contrary to eBay’s historical success during tough economic times.

    Ebay has always offered the worlds worst customer service, recent staffing cuts have served to exacerbate this problem.

    Ebay has alienated buyers with forced search methods that do not return what buyers want to see. Buyers will not buy what they do not want, and will not look too hard for bargains which eBay buries in search.

    The failed Best Match does not allow buyers to search, but instead shows buyers what eBay has determined they want buyers to see.

    Sellers that pay to place listings see those paid listings deliberately disadvantaged in placement in favor of a class of sellers that pay nothing to list items. These Diamond sellers flood the core and drown the small sellers that pay to list.

    eBay has further alienated sellers with a draconian DSR policy which is not the tool promised to sellers. Instead, it turns out that DSR’s are really a weapon pointed at sellers heads that only delivers suspensions not information to foster improvement.

    Sellers were supposed to be able to use DSR’s as a tool to improve, but eBay effectively prevents that function from succeeding as they prevent sellers from seeing details of individual transactions. Sellers are supposed to be able to improve yet are blinded by the secrecy of the system.

    Sellers are frustrated by eBay’s failure to address the increasing frequency of non paying bidders. NPB activity has increased since implementation of the one way feedback policy. The issue continues to be ignored as eBay profits from re listing of unpaid merchandise.

    EBay further alienates both buyers and sellers with a crumbling IT infrastructure that is subject to rolling ‘glitches’ on an almost daily basis. Glitches that effect payments, shipping, searching, access to funds, correct payment information, delayed revenue transfers and others cause buyers and sellers alike to give up on the company that suddenly can’t get anything right anymore.

    As eBay continues to deteriorate, they have become less of a venue as they now want to dictate every facet of a sellers business from retail pricing and fixed shipping costs to what kind of feedback sellers are permitted to leave buyers. They cannot get anything right, yet they dictate what sellers must do. So much for the claim of being a venue.

    PayPal is steadily alienating sellers with needless payment freezes and account holds which seem to be designed not to protect buyers, but increase PayPal’s on hand revenue balances, and thus their ability to earn interest of the frozen funds.

    Mr Donahoe and the rest of his executive leadership team keep their heads buried firmly in the sand. They only pull them out for the occasional press release to parrot Donahoe’s claims that “all is well” and “everything is proceeding according to plan”, while ignoring the roof that is obviously falling in around them.

    Add the fact that as the marketplace crumbles, eBay continues to steadily increase fees and it is no wonder why so many sellers have opted to migrate to other marketplaces and open their own web sites.

    This company is failing on every level. Emperor Donahoe continues to fiddle as eBay burns.

    Will shareholders step in and call for the removal of eBay’s current leadership or is John Donahoe the next poster child for failed CEO’s?

  9. Although I am still a very active eBay seller, the changes have had a significantly negative impact on my quality of life. Like Richiemagoo, I too am self employed because I like to run my own business. That’s what I did before the moron Donahoe entered my life.

    Lest anyone get the wrong impression, most eBay sellers (myself included) care deeply about our customers’ satisfaction with their buying experience. This is because we want them to return, AND because we are a prideful bunch who gather some portion of our esteem from the praise of others. Having an anvil hanging over our heads, ready to be released without notice by some guy who just caught his wife cheating with someone he associates with our eBay listing… This is not the way to motivate us into performance. We perform by our very nature.

    Personally, I feel extremely smothered and nervous all the time since the changes have taken place. eBay has reversed only one of the absurd “disruptive innovations” introduced since May 19, 2008. That would be the equality of neutral and negative feedback posts from buyers. That one was SO absurd that it is my belief that it was intended from the beginning as something they would forfeit in a failed attempt to make us think they were paying attention to us.

    Since this mess started, I have had thoroughly pleased customers by the hundreds who have rated me with 4 stars thinking that they were praising my products and service, while eBay uses their “praise” to justify raising my final value fees by 45%. The design is so obviously slanted that it is truly amazing that it is even legal.

    I apologize for the rant, but I assure you that there are lots of fellow sellers reading this who are saying “AMEN!” out loud as they read. This is impacting real human lives. Marriages, children, household budgets, credit ratings… I could go on for hours.

    I challenge you to find one positive article about eBay anywhere in the news since May 19, 2008. Donahoe’s arrogant plans are failing and will continue to do so. This seller will remain through the first quarter of 2009 in a belief that the madness will stop, but if it doesn’t, I’ll be following Richiemagoo out the exit door. Not only will I be unwilling to go back, I predict that there will be nothing to go back TO by the end of the year.

    @eBay Management: Take the cotton out of your ears and remove your blinders! Make the U-Turn NOW! We want you to make it, you idiots. Do you think we are the enemy? We made you what you are and you have abandoned us.

  10. GhostofeBayPast

    Check out Bonanzle as an alternative to eBay. It looks like it is about to take off in a major way. No listing fees and $3 final value fee on $100.00 sale.

    Also, we can not overlook the “bad blood” eBay has created in the online world. They think they are just pissing off the small sellers but they have created an army of people who will tell everybody they meet how awful ebay is.

    I googled “Ebay Sucks” and “Walmart Sucks” about a month ago and eBay beat Walmart by a large number.

    Also, a good many of those small sellers ebay declared expendable were also its most faithful buyers.

    How can it possibly been seen as good business to create enemies of your allies?

  11. johnhiggins

    I give ebay and paypal with all it corruption and fees 2years tops befor chapter 11 take over. Ebay and paypal screw me about 5 years ago. I never return to the site.

  12. I liked the old ebay – you could get bargains bidding on auctions and there were a lot of used and/or one-off items there. I bet if you compared traffic on Craigslist you’d see the Craigslist has grown while ebay has shrunk. They need to bring back the auctions and court the mom and pop sellers again.

    Ebay needs to be the national garage sale it was instead of another online shopping mall.

  13. Hi Kevin,
    To answer your question:
    I was a seller on Ebay for about 5 years. I invented and produce Special Mica Shades for Antique lamp bases, and I do custom work as well.
    100% feedback, over 580 satisfied clients. Some are Very Notable.
    The day Ebay would no longer “Allow” me to accept Money Orders and Checks, was the day my life’s purpose was erased. Not an Overstatement at all. It’s All Gone. Everything.
    I refuse to use PayPal because of it’s reputation for Corruption. Ebay forced it on the remaining sellers.
    I refuse to go paperless. It isn’t necessary.
    I’m listing on, eCrater, iOffer, and others.
    People have not yet branched out and ventured into new territory as fast as we need.
    Five years ago, I created my business. Everything was going along smoothly.
    Shortly thereafter, Ebay started in with Requests that sellers lower their prices. “At Low Prices”, “Start your item at .99” was the mantra. It was Murdering my sales.
    I complained about the intrusion into my way of doing business. I must get a certain amount for all of my work to make it worth while , “DUH !”
    Ebay is Only a Venue. They Sell NOTHING. Like an Answering Service, there’s nothing Tangable there. They have no business telling me how to run my business.
    It’s the Seller, then the buyer. Seller PAYS Ebay to list. Then Buyer comes along….PAYS Seller.
    Ebay makes ZERO DOLLARS on buyers. ZERO. Unless….Do YOU pay Ebay a Fee to Buy there ?
    That’s It. The old rule of “K.I.S.S.”
    As a Seller it is MY JOB to:
    1)Make an Item
    2)Photograph the item in detail
    3)List the item
    4)Provide FAST courteous Service to folks asking any questions
    5)PROMPTLY wrap up all End of Auction actions…usually within Minutes.
    6)Box & Ship the item
    7)Leave feedback immediately upon reciept of payment
    I only accept Money Orders and Checks. Never had a problem. EVER.
    My website is : …..take peek….
    I recieved an email from a man down South who also Just got notice of the New Payment Rule. He said he was about to put the barrel in his mouth. I never heard from him after that…
    All of Ebay C.E.O. John Donahoe’s changes (disruptive innovation) have litterally had a Deadly Effect.
    I just recieved an Email from the Department of Justice stating that there is nothing they can do.
    So, Limbo is what it is now…..a vaccuum of nothingness…
    God Bless You Kevin
    May we all be Prosperous in the Coming Year.

  14. I never really got into eBay, the site was always slow and non responsive. The search functionality sucked, and the listings I found were often not at all what I was looking for.

    For the vast majority of things that I need to sell Craigslist works much better, without needing to worry about whether I’m being scammed or not.

  15. Kevin Kelleher

    Several comments here are from people who say they used to be sellers on eBay, but left.

    I’m curious, where did you go when you left eBay? Did you move to another site? Set up your own Web store? Drop out of online retail entirely?

  16. It seems that eBay neglected the long tail (mom and pop sellers) and wrongly focused on bigger stores, with commodity fixed-price items. It would be a better move if they launched another website to offer a more online store environment, where sellers could display their products in a more professional way (and even easily put their products into This new venue could be attractive to consumers that are looking to a regular buying experience. Now, eBay is damaging its major brand and is also doing a lousy job with SDC.

  17. escapefromsellercentral

    You can’t sustain a business with the premise that ‘people are basically honest’. You can’t offer up guidelines for conducting business instead of hard,proven,enforceable rules. Guidelines resulted in thousands of interpretations by millions of sellers. Without rules, without any roadblocking delays to fraudulent users eBay didn’t escape behind its ‘venue’ curtain for very long.
    Millions of dollars lost to litigation and fines.
    It cannot be salvaged with late breaking, heavy handed rules.
    Using ‘disruptive innovation’ eBay is transforming itself into an internet ad platform for a handful of existing retailers (real businesses) with their own mail order processing facilities. After 10 years of ‘herding cats’, eBay is courting reputable businesses.
    What of the rabble-rousers, the ‘noise’ that remains of the sellers on eBay?
    Expendible. eBay has charged the buying community with the destruction of the remaining sellers by ‘rating’ them to oblivion.
    And, Meg Whitman, architect of change on eBay, never changed John McCain’s perception that eBay was a vital economic factor to save thousands of jobless households. The American public listening in to the debates has no clue that eBay is dead. Noisy, but dead.

  18. I stopped selling on Ebay in Jan 08 as soon as I read of the then new changes (especially the feedback changes and being graded on DSRs). I have since closed my Ebay and PayPal accounts.
    As a seller, there is no way I will play Ebay’s game. I am self employed because I like to make my own decisions and reap; the consequences or rewards of my own actions- but under Ebay’s new regime, everyone must fit into a narrow mold; and the type of buyers that they are now attracting by pandering to idiots and scammers, are NOT the type of customers I want. And when a non-paying bidder, scammer or competitor can ruin your business through DSRs and feedback (as happened to a friend of mine), anyone who values their name and reputation will abandon the Ebay ship before they fall victim to such a fate through no fault of their own.
    As a buyer, I simply do not trust anyone who would continue to sell on such a venue- as their willingness to stay under the current atmosphere says to me that they afre concerned only with making a buck at any cost, and not about doing what is right, or running their business in the best way- so I no longer have any use for Ebay as a buyer or seller; and ditto for all my friends.

  19. Cherie is absolutely correct! This has been in the making for a few years. Ebay has evolved into not much more than a venue for the large drop-ship sellers, whose wares you can find at your local discount stores. The “mom and pop” sellers of the unique and interesting items have been driven off. As I said, the problems are too many to list here.

  20. @GhostofEbayPast: So, what you’re commenting on is only what the public has seen over the past year or so. Donahoe, alone as well as when reporting to Meg Whitman, has been part of bad decisions made for at least three years. It’s been a long time in the making.

    What’s really scary is the number of eBay incompetents who have gone on to leadership positions at other SV companies.

  21. John Donahoe is such an ego driven moron, even if he knows in his heart that his “disruptive innovations” aren’t working, he won’t admit it. I’ve been with Ebay for over 10 years, with 100% feedback, and they won’t get another dime from me, a SELLER, until things change. The main change needed is the termination of John Donahoe. I don’t have enough room to list all the stupid changes he/they have enacted, but just visit their own discussion boards and see for yourself.

    I, along with hundreds of former Ebay’ers, have since gone to Bonanzle and love it. It’s a friendly atmosphere, uncomplicated protocol, and reasonable fees.

  22. Allan Kraig

    “So as a consumer, I welcome Donahoe’s changes. But I still wonder if he didn’t make a big blunder for eBay itself. Legions of buyers loved the thrill of winning an eBay auction, the eclectic collection of strange things for sale, and the feeling of wandering around an open market where nearly anything might happen.”

    Hey That’s mighty white of you but what about the millions of displaced eBay sellers that are being forced to leave the site????? less than 1/10 of 1% of all sales were problematic with fraud & eBay could have easily handled it if they really wanted to but in doing so they would have to admit there was a problem .. Now because of all eBay’s failed policies tens of thousands of sellers who made all or most their income are now out in the streets & I hear nothing from you guys in the suits about these displaced sellers .. But if walmart lays off 500 people it’s front page news!!!!

  23. Ebay has it coming. They rule as if they have nobody to answer to. They turned their back on auctions and turned their back on sellers. The new feedback policy alone gives far too large an advantage to buyers when twisting the arm of sellers to give them what they want or else. I don’t know who the brain trust was at Ebay that thought making the whole buyer seller scales uneven would help Ebay in any way. Hard fact…ebay makes nothing if sellers don’t post something for sale. So although buyer protections, etc need to be in place, making the playing field uneven is a a huge mistake. Ebay should have been nothing more than a flea market that rents space. They should have never gotten involved in enforcement, etc as they have. Bottom line is the feedbacks eventually solve every issue, good or bad. But not if the feedback is now held hostage by buyers. Ebay is now in trouble and they deserve it. bring on the next one and I will list my sales there.

  24. Patricia013

    The only thing keeping Ebay going right now are the buyers who have been on the site for years and don’t want to learn to use other venues. With each small seller they lose they also lose some buyers. The scales are tipping and soon buyers will be forced to shop other venues in order to buy from those small sellers again. As one of those small sellers forced off ebay by Best Match I look forward to the day Ebay sinks down and dies! They’ve shown such callous greed and total disrespect for small sellers that they’ve earned it!

  25. Claeton Giordano

    Even if eBay was able to compete with the other fixed-price online marketplaces, what would its brand stand for?
    More than entering a fiercely competitive market, eBay has lost its identity.
    That is death in consumer-land.

  26. ebayinwonderland

    Have you noticed that unique items are disappearing, not the oddball items, but wonderful unique items that ebay used to be known for? Replaced with drop ship mega sellers?, shoplet, trading card seller and just recently smartbargains and this is supposed to improve the buyer experience?

    Not likely.

    Sellers are leaving in droves because the higher fees and horrible search engine, dysfunction feedback and double standard detailed seller star ratings are driving them off, voluntarily and otherwise.

    Horrible and impossible for the majority of sellers.

    It’s fading faster than a sunset.

    • Recently I put a cellphone of mine up on ebay.. the cellphone right now sells for $199.00 unlocked on several sites.. I listed my cellphone on ebay with a very, very low starting price of just 99 cents (of course to save on listings fees) and relied on market value to push the price up to at least a reasonable value of one hundred dollars since the phone was rarely used but out of box.. I had very good photos of the phone up with an 8MP Sony cam.. they were crystal clear.. I also included a 2GB Internal storage card.. After 7 long days.. my phone ended at $17.00????????? I mean there was no way on this planet was I giving this phone to anyone for $17.00 I asked the buyer to cancel the item through an ebay link where no one would be out any money.. of course the winning bidder cancelled my request to cancel the win and he told me “you have to sell it now, that’s what ebay’s about” I told him to jump off a cliff and that ‘if ebay isn’t getting any buyers anymore that that wasn’t my problem.. I also added that I will recognize this ‘lack of generation’ and move away from the ebay option at least for now.. I am also noticing that ebay now is hosting sales from ‘Power Sellers’ who basically are selling things from the insides of corporations.. sellouts, overstocks, etc.. might as well just go to or Amazon if I want that.. Ebay’s problem is their fees and the fact that regular everyday people are judged by every single purchase or sell through their ‘feedback’ system.. this might have been an okay idea in the beginning but if you do the feedback thing long enough you just run away from it.. ebay is the only venue where you’re rated everytime u do a transaction.. imagine if real life was like that and you had your feedback posted on your forehead for everyone to see? Who would ever leave home?

      Ebay’s fees are not reasonable.. ie., when you list an item ebay charges you at the entrance.. and if you sell an item.. ebay charges you at the exit.. what is this.. ebay fees, ebay fees, and more ebay fees.. if you want your text to be bold you have to pay for it, if you want your ebay window to have a border you pay for it.. it’s just rediculous.. it’s just money, money, money!! It insults people.. and over time yes.. ebay will kill itself.. Craigslist is the same thing as ebay.. you list an item with photos.. and people buy and sell.. Craigslist has ‘ZERO’ fees and ‘ZERO’ feedbacks.. You do the math.. Ebay is just another greedy corporation heading towards it’s own greedy demise.. and ya know what as a former ebay lover.. I wouldn’t even care if it shut down tomorrow for good!!! We can all just go back to throwing our junk out and not have to go to the dang post office so much..