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Daily Apple: Gift Cards x 1,000,000, Netbooks Make Elbow Room, iPhone #3 Gadget, Multi-touch Firefox, Movies Disappear, Firmware Fixes

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Apple Could Sell 1 Million Gift Cards – Analysts like big numbers. Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufmann Bros. likes six zeros, to be precise. He’s claiming that information he’s received from his network of Apple retail channel contacts puts the estimated sales of the iPhone gift cards Apple recently started offering at up to $1 million. Not a bad holiday haul.

Apple Loses Market Share… to Netbooks? – Bucking their usual trend of growing market share, Apple slipped to 4.1% from 4.6% for the same quarter last year. That’s in rankings that now include netbooks, which experienced a 160% growth. That’s called a hint, Apple.

iPhone Nets Time Gadget List Bronze – Only third on Time’s list this year, compared to first last year. What beat it? A 65-inch HDTV came in second, and a pico projecter came in first. The projector has a lot of potential applications for the future, but the TV? Just pure manly man awe factor behind that ranking.

Firefox Gets Multi-Touch – Kevin C. Tofel of jkOnTheRun was saved from unnecessary third-party utility installation when he found out that the recently released Firefox 3.1b2 for Macs incorporates multi-touch support. According to him, browsing speed was greatly improved using multi-touch controls.

That Movie You’re Putting Off Buying on iTunes May Not Be There Tomorrow – TV apparently has the right to kill movie distribution rights on iTunes. Basically, it comes down to release windows, which traditionally apply to broadcasters, not retailers, but since digital distribution is threatening TV’s livelihood, they’re counting them as competition.

Firmware Updates for Unibody MacBooks – That’s late-model 2008 MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. It’s actually an update bundle, and requires multiple installs. The EFI and SMC updates address a number of updates.