Boston-Power notebook batteries hold full charge for 1,000 cycles


BostonpoerbatteryGood news from Boston-Power today by way of Earth2Tech: the company is producing a lithium-ion battery that will offer a much longer lifespan. How much longer? A battery using Boston-Power’s Sonata technology will last three times longer before the recharge capacity begins to degrade. This doesn’t mean that consumers will see devices run three times longer on a single charge; instead, it means that the battery can hold 100% of it’s rated capacity far longer before the eventual degradation. Put another way: after 300 charge cycles, most notebook batteries fail to fully recharge. They begin to hold less of a charge at that point and therefore you either need to buy another battery or deal with less run-time between charges. Boston-Power says that their batteries will keep 100% of the charge over 1,000 charge cycles.

HP will offer batteries using Boston-Power’s solution under the "HP Enviro Series" brand and expects to charge only $20 to $30 more for these power packs over current batteries. While we’re all looking for more run-time on the go, a solution like this can help lower overall device costs since one of these batteries will effectively last as long as three other batteries for your mobile device. Another plus for these batteries? They charge up quickly, as much as 80% in 30 minutes. That makes finding that seat near the AC adapter at Starbucks a little more palatable: you can gain a quick charge before finishing that cup of java.

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