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Indian Video Site Tinselvision Closes Down, After $6 Million Funding

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Tinselvision, an online video-on-demand service targeting South Asian communities in the US, UK and Canada which closed about $6 million in funding last year, has closed down, we have learned and confirmed. The company, based in Washington DC, has one investor: Innovative Entertainment Limited, a Geneva based subsidiary of Innovate Energy Group, and did two round of $3 million each, and boldly claimed that it had a

8 Responses to “Indian Video Site Tinselvision Closes Down, After $6 Million Funding”

  1. Wow, 6 million of funding is pretty large sum of money. I wonder where it will all lead in this world. There are pretty big sums being wasted right now and people in Africa are dying.

  2. dreadful for Bollywood online market. Tinsel vision gruop was positioned all over and financed well and with many experienced hands and many good ties in the space. They adapted their biz mod very fast when in comparison to most of the sites delivering similar conent. but what do you do when investors don't uphold their bargain and economies are so bad. we are sorry to see them go.

  3. an online video-on-demand service targeting South Asian communities in the US, UK and Canada, there was already too many video site taking too limited audience, 6 million funding was truely not well spenting. There was really no lead to all this project.

  4. To be success on the internet a correct strategy is needed, its not like just pour money in it and it will work out like what others say all the time, need to spent it wisely… $6 million is a lot of money down the drown

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    Big brands developing web properties, but they are not considering the future of it, think most of the failure portals are listed companies from the beginning.

    Thinking Big, Talking Big, Bigger Plans won;t make Business Success, we need Right Strategy to Implement it on Right Time. "Believe in you what can you do, and do not follow others saying I can also do" before following "some one" we need to study about the "some one" which is not happening in present web development..

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    Mohandas Alle

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  6. Ranveer Khanna

    So which ones are next … , etc etc …saregama shut its site …after announcing big plans into the digital media …( had big plans i suppose) all failed ….

    guys undertsand what is internet ……plzzzzzz

    u can make lots of money if your strategy is right