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10-cell battery for EEE PC 901- function over form

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When you take a look at the new 10-cell battery for the EEE PC 901 you should go back and also take a look at Kevin’s post about form over function on netbooks.  That certainly applies to this battery which is the biggest honking battery you’ll ever see on a netbook.  Sure, this battery will provide 10 – 14 hours of battery life but at what cost in form?  I still wish that OEMs would offer cheap extra batteries for netbooks which makes a lot more sense to me.  Just throw an extra one in your bag and be done with it.  Or, carry a battery like this attached to your netbook and show the world how strong your arms are.  Defeats the purpose of a lightweight netbook if you ask me.


(via jkkmobile)

3 Responses to “10-cell battery for EEE PC 901- function over form”

  1. Does anyone actually know how much it weighs? Most netbooks don’t look all that pretty anyway, so a big-ass battery like this shouldn’t matter that much. I mean, if you can go a full day without even having to think about recharging, that’s worth a lot.

    So if the weight isn’t all that bad, I see no reason not to like this battery. Right?