New Super Talent UltraDrive SSDs offer super speeds

6_155_432We’ve seen a bevy of Solid State Disk flash modules in the news lately, but Super Talent continues to attack the standard hard drive form-factors and interfaces. Today, the company announced two new UltraDrive products, the LE and ME. Aside from one letter in the product name, there’s a few major differences between the two as the LE is targeted for the enterprise while the ME is meant for consumer devices. Here’s a run-down to illustrate the difference:

  • The UltraDrive LE uses SLC, or Single Level Cell technology, is available in capacities up to 128GB and offers maximum read and write speeds of 230MBps and 170MBps, respectively.
  • The UltraDrive ME uses less expensive MLC or Multi Level Cell technology, runs up to 256GB in capacity and offers slightly slower maximum read and write speeds of 200MBps and 160 MBps, respectively.

Both drives appear the same on the outside as they’re 2.5-inches SATA-II units. Even with the more volatile MLC technology, Super Talent says that the consumer drive should last for years. They estimate that the 128GB drive will endure 50GB of writing & erasing per day for over 70 years. No word on pricing or availability yet, but we’ll update when we hear back from Super Talent.

Update: Super Talent expects availability in next month although they’re non-committal on pricing due to the quickly changing flash memory market pricing. They are currently estimating the street price of the 256GB UltraDrive ME at $899.


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