Stand Out From 13M Others With Infectious iPhone Art

Since the Zunes inception, for all its faults, one thing that it did that seemed worth emulating was its Originals line, which are devices etched with original artwork from an array of designers. There’s no doubt that, even before comparing it to the Zune, or even the iPod nanos for that matter, the iPhone doesn’t offer a lot in the way of expressing ones individuality.

Thankfully, Infectious (see disclosure at bottom) is happy to fill that lack of identity with its line of iPhone Art adhesive decorations. Featuring artwork from well known illustrators and graphic designers like David Lanham, Jeremy Prasatik (aka JP33), Emil Kozak, and MAD, among many more, Infectious currently offers 38 designs to adorn your iPhone with. Each comes with a full and mini sticker that covers the full back of phone (with a cut-out for the camera lens) and the bottom portion of the front, respectively; as well as an Infectious logo sticker for good measure.

The stickers are made of a 3M durable vinyl material — Infectious estimates a three year life span — that makes applying and removing it a cinch. While in use, there is a protective laminate to reduce any scratching to your device, and when you are ready for a new design taking it off is an afterthought as there is no sticky, filmy residue to deal with.

iPhone Art is available now for $9.99, with a few prints carrying a $14.99 price tag. And, for the discerning buyer, all of the designs are offered as laptop prints as well, so your MacBook [Pro/Air] doesn’t feel left out.

Disclosure: Infectious is backed by True Ventures, which is also an investor in Giga Omni Media, the parent company of this network. Giga Omni Media founder Om Malik is a venture partner with True Ventures.