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Sprint Getting Closer to Android Phone?

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android_big_thumbUpdated: Today Sprint (s S) offered the lineup for its upcoming mobile developer’s conference on Dec. 10-12, which will include a keynote by Rich Miner, Google’s (s GOOG) vice president of mobile technology. While we’ve known that Sprint was considering Android, this fall Sprint CEO Dan Hesse apparently told a group of reporters in Washington that the Android platform wasn’t “good enough to put the Sprint brand on it.”

He assured folks that Sprint was still coming out with an Android phone, and it appears that the two companies have buried the hatchet since Miner gets stage time at Sprint’s event. Could there be news of the Sprint Android phone launch date? Also, as part of the announcement of the conference, Sprint also said it has beefed up its Titan mobile development platform that allows programmers to build Java applications for Sprint’s Windows Mobile phones as well as desktops.

Update: Sprint will soon have more choices when it comes to Android handsets; Sony Ericsson said today it would develop a phone using the Android platform and join the Open Handset Alliance.  In a release, Sony Ericsson said it will “draw on the successes of the Walkman and Cyber-shot sub-brands,” to create a new user experience with Android. In addition to Sony Ericsson, the Open Handset Alliance, which develops the platform, said it gained 13 other new members including ARM, ASUSTek Computer Inc., Garmin International Inc., Huawei Technologies, Softbank Mobile Corporation, Toshiba Corporation and Vodafone.

30 Responses to “Sprint Getting Closer to Android Phone?”

  1. RoTimi Waddy

    Has the phone come out yet? I’m planning to possibly switch to Sprint later this year (from Verizon) and am trying to find more information on the new phones that are coming out on the Sprint network. The Sprint Everything plan appears to be the best deal out there, even if the customer service is not as good as the other 3 major carriers. While I usually try to stay with companies that offer great customer service, like Verizon (3-4 yrs+ currently) I am still in search of a good deal. Verizon happens to be neck & neck with AT&T both as the 2 most expensive options out there! I have been paying a lot of money over the last few years and live in a highly populated area of the U.S. with excellent coverage for any of these 3 carriers! Unless something drastic occurs between now and 6 months, I plan to move on and say good bye to Verzon for now. Who knows, I may come back later once I don’t feel like I’m throwing away loads of money, in the form of excellent Customer Service which is only used about 3-4 or times in any given year! Not worth it by a long shot. I just felt like it was important for me to just get this out there. Sprint here I come.

  2. I really don’t understand the G1 hate. Personally I like it. Do I think it’s sexy? Nah. I think it looks decent and that’s about it. People talk about it as if it was the ugliest thing ever made. It’s just a decent but boring looking phone if you ask me. I mean wtf? I’ve seen people state they’d rather have a cellphone from the 80s (you know one of those 10 pound brick phones) than the G1 because the G1 is so much uglier than that.

    I mean seriously? C’mon. If the G1 was available for Sprint, I’d get one. There’s a few issues with the G1 (mostly I hate the chin) but besides that it looks more than fine to me. Now if they can get a G1 like phone, no chin, better keyboard, and A SCROLL WHEEL for web browsing…

    • Here Here. Not a pretty phone, but neither is the Instinct or Palm Treo…I would also buy one for each of my family members, If they made it for sprint.

  3. Sony Ericsson doesn’t make phones for SprintPCS, so the latest update seems misplaced.

    I’ve been looking forward to Android on Sprint. Hopefully it’s not just another HTC G1 with CDMA, I’d like to see a model from Samsung and no requirements for the “Everything” plan.

    • Let’s see hmmm a Smartphone without a requirement for an “Everything Plan” sorry sparky not happening. I hope the first Android on Sprint has a full qwerty kb. I hate touchscreens..

  4. Sprint needs to offer an Android phone with WiFi support. T-mo has wisely embraced this strategy but Sprint has generally resisted supporting WiFi. If Sprint can realize that wifi is a supplement to its service and not a competitior, then maybe they can recapture some market share. But I won’t bet on it.