Skyfire mobile browser adds support for VGA


skyfire_espn_31Skyfire is a mobile browser that has been in beta for a very long time.  The browser is one of the only mobile browsing solutions that supports the “full Internet”  including Java, Flash and Silverlight.  Unfortunately, the one thing it didn’t support was devices using a VGA screen but that is a thing of the past.  The current beta version 0.85 adds support for VGA resolution screens so at long last I can give it a try on the HTC Advantage.  We interviewed the CEO of Skyfire earlier this year who shared the vision of the company.

(via TechCrunch)



I’ve been running it on my Fuze since it was released a couple weeks ago. So far so good, it has been running great.

No Skyfire was one of the worst parts of upgrading to the Fuze, really glad they stepped it up for VGA finally.

Yolanda Villa

Thanks for this news. I’ve been waiting to try again on my Advantage.

Genghis Khent

James, I installed this beta on my HTC Advantage a few weeks ago when it first became available and it certainly does work on the VGA screen. No more half screens that you would experience with prior Skyfire versions.

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