OneNote 2009 planner notebook available


We have long been fans of OneNote and how it is so flexible that you can do almost anything with it.  One thing that we often hear users wish for is a ready-to-use day planner for OneNote to make it as useful as those paper planners.  You can build one yourself but that requires an awful lot of work so it’s great to see that user David has done it for you.  He’s built an entire 2009 day planner in the form of a OneNote notebook and while it’s a pretty big download (13.5 MB) we think you’ll appreciate it.  Check it out and be sure and thank David!



Isn’t that what Outlook was made for? Doesn’t Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar have this planner feature too?


David, more power to you. Thanks for taking your time to not only create this but to spend your precious holiday time making it available for others.

David Nimmo

Hi – apologies re the bandwidth issue. I’m working with my ISP to get the issue sorted. Hopefully within 24 hours or will look for another way to make available.


Bandwidth exceeded – can you place it somewhere else so it can get picked up?


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