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Obama Wants Gore to Help Repower America

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President-elect Barack Obama and once-presidential-hopeful Al Gore met today to discuss (what else) “energy, climate change, and job creation — and how those three things go together.” Obama didn’t say what role Gore will play in his administration but pledged that the former VP will be part of the plan to “create jobs all across this country in all 50 states to re-power America.” The meeting, reportedly called at Gore’s request, is perhaps the strongest pitch Obama will get from the cleantech community.


Gore has outlined a five-step plan to achieve his goal of generating 100 percent of the U.S.’s electricity from renewable sources in 10 years. Though Obama hasn’t agreed to Gore’s lofty goal, he has committed, in varying degrees, to implementing Gore’s recommendations. Obama has promised to boost the energy efficiency of federal buildings, work with governors to promote clean energy, invest huge amounts in our electrical infrastructure and help Detroit retool to become a leader in green cars.

The elephant in the room is still the issue of carbon regulation. During the campaign, Obama said he was in favor of a cap-and-trade scheme, but since the economic crisis has taken the spotlight, carbon mitigation has been quietly looming in the corner. Putting a price on carbon, either through a carbon market or with a tax, as Gore himself suggests, is the greatest boost the government could give clean technologies.

But the cynical question posed by MSNBC isn’t how far Gore can push Obama to clean up our energy sector; it’s how much will Obama ask Gore to publicly temper his climate crisis rhetoric? While Obama has said renewable energy and energy efficiency will play vital roles in boosting the economy, he probably won’t go as far as Gore would like, given the stormy financial climate.

So, can Obama fight for cleantech while battling a recession? We hope Gore is able to explain how the only way to fight the recession is with cleantech.

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10 Responses to “Obama Wants Gore to Help Repower America”

  1. sam spade

    those of you who have been sucked in and or blinded by Al Gores lies will be paying for his didhonest charts and ideas as well as the muslim Obama. You have listened to the radical media and you have actually have been sucked in, what if? just what if those of us who still believe in the constitution and the family values and life and all things good ,,,,just what if we are right?? It will be too late then for you to do a dam thing about your ignorance and the vote you cast that destroyed America.

  2. Like…if the GE36 is…like…already a (cough!) product…like…why doesn’t GE just …(ahem!)…like…SELL IT!!! We’re talkin’ 1986 here, campers! Gore Won in 2000 and President Obama is our first virtual president.
    Not as real as the GE36 engine.

  3. MountainWilliam

    Al’s plan is to have all Americans have a Senator as a father, be raised on Government cheese and have a fat pseudo-blonde for a wife.

    How can I explain to my children how a once-great country is in the hands of Hekyl and Jekyl?

  4. MountainWilliam

    Good Ol’ Al, raised in a hotel in D.C. by daddy and the boys, a disingenuous bloated cartoon sitting by Lightnin’ Obamy. What a photo op!

    Somebody shoot up into this tree, one of us needs relief.

  5. Wow, Al Gore a loon? I guess you have no problem with the energy policies of that genius Dubya? We elected Obama to make changes, not stay the course of the Bushco administration! If we stay the course, all the new technologies will be overseas and we can continue to bail out companies with no vision for the future.

  6. vincepage

    I’m not sure allowing Al Gore to “repower” America is a good idea. When he repowered his own 10,000 square foot house in Tennessee with “green” technologies, it used more power after he was done than it did beforehand.

  7. If Obama wasn’t enough, all we need is that loon, Gore, back in DC. He should go back to making movies with bogus charts and graphs and stranded cartoon polar bears. What a way to devalue a Nobel prize. I can’t believe how everyone just wants to drink some Obama-ade and sit in fear while the government protects us from the world. Doesn’t anyone see through this nonsense?