Daily Apple: More Macros, Mous-iversary, Psystar, iPhone Advertising & OpenCL


Keyboard Maestro 3.5 Released – The Mac macro software gets a big update today, bringing in support for their new iPhone and iPod touch app, which allows you to execute macros remotely from your device. Combined with new iTunes control actions, it nicely supplements Apple’s own Remote app.

The Computer Mouse Approaches Middle Age – Our little human interface device grew up so fast! Where does the time go? Stanford researcher David Engelbart revealed his creation this day in 1968. It was a three-button device, which means Apple actually took two steps back with their original one-button design.

Psystar Saga Continues – The first Mac cloner (there’s now a second, in case you hadn’t heard) continues its legal battle with Apple. Today, Psystar dropped their counterclaim, which held that Apple was in violation of anti-trust laws. They’ve instead shifted their strategy slightly, saying that Apple is going beyond the bounds of their copyright by trying to shut down hardware that is merely compatible with their OS, which is what Psystar claims to be making.

Amobee Media Systems Optimizes Ads for iPhone and iPod Touch – Google isn’t the only one trying to get ads onto your iPhone. Amobee Media Systems is now providing a holistic solution for adding advertising support to apps. Thank goodness! I’m always forgetting what to buy.

OpenCL Goes Beyond Apple – An industry consortium ratifies the Open Computer Language 1.0, a 3D graphics and computer audio standard that originally began as an Apple proposal. Some consortium members include heavyweights like Electronic Arts, IBM, Intel, and many more.



Sweet. I’ve just turned 40, and since the mouse is still approaching middle age, I’m still only approaching it as well!

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