Blackberry Storm OTA upgrade finally appears


Word appeared late last week that Verizon was offering an OS upgrade to the Blackberry Storm.  The upgrade was to make the screen rotation faster as well as address some stability issues that some reported.  The upgrade did in fact appear last Friday but required upgrading via the RIM Desktop Manager which I have not installed.  The Desktop Manager program is a Windows-only program that requires connecting the Blackberry to the PC for all syncing and upgrading.

Since the Storm I am using is an evaluation unit from Verizon and not my personal phone I had no desire to install the Desktop Manager and establish a sync connection.  That was not a problem as the Verizon support notice indicated that an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade would be released later eliminating the need for the desktop connection.

I kept checking all weekend but the Storm did not indicate that an OTA upgrade was available.  A couple of hours ago I checked again and there it was so I jumped right in and upgraded the phone.  It’s important to realize that I have not experienced any stability issues with this phone as some have experienced but I did find the screen would sometimes lag slightly when rotating.

I started the upgrade download and the phone told me it was 14 MB in size and that I did not have enough free RAM to install it.  This evaluation phone came to me with a ton of extra software installed so I went through it and deleted a few of the programs and freed up enough memory.  I restarted the upgrade and it went smoothly from that point on.  It took about 30 minutes and then it was all updated.  During the process the upgrade backed up all my personal data to the media card and then restored it after the upgrade completed.  This was all automatic and the Windows Mobile folks should take notice that this is the way it should be.

My quick impression is that the phone is very snappy and any lags are now gone.  Everything happens immediately and the phone is much faster than it was before the upgrade.  I am so impressed with how well it’s running that I’m even thinking of buying one of my own due to the great deal that Verizon is offering me as a long-time customer:


Since they don’t have any in stock I decided I’ll wait a while and see if I still want to do it later.


James Packer

I actually gave away a vzw6800 because I was so excited about the phone.It went from 300+ to 19,95 If we wait it will be a is so confusing except for these kids! Ironic? Ha


i have the BB storm and the 3g Ihpone. There are many things i hate about the Iphone, it lags and it is very buggy. the BB is not, but it has no apps compared to the Iphone and the Iphone is way easier to use. But i made the switch to the BB because it is not Apple. Apple makes things so hard to use like not being able to just dump your music,pics and videos like the BB (its just a phone with a built in mp3 player). And most of all you can get insurance on your phone unlike the Iphone. You break it you pay for it all over again. like the screen cost me $200 dollars to fix after mine was going in to get replaced because of faulty processor (Thank goodness i didn’t get the 16g or it would had been $300). The BB will take some time getting use to but the only thing i will miss is my apps. i hope BB gets a bunch of apps, if it dose i know it would stand a better chance against the Ihpone.
and one more thing you can take the battery out and upgrade your memory. the Ihpone your stuck with what you payed for.


storm shuts off several times a day for no apparent reason. Then I get to wait five minutes for it toreboot Any suggestions? Other than throwing it pit the window.

Regular Reader

James, where exactly on your device did it provide you notice of the upgrade? Mine has not shown that notice


James I say buy the Storm… I see a Storm brewing over towards your area. I purchased 3 Storms and they all have been working great. Yes some may say they have a lag, but its not something that you have to wait for. I see this as a transition, kind of like Vista. When you minimize something in Vista it kind of seems it has like a lag but its the way it changes. Also if you noticed the Storm has like transparent in it. When you have some windows open you can see right underneath, kind of like Vista. I think this is also part of the way things seem to appear to have a lag when it changes over.


I can think of 11,154 reasons to dislike the Storm. That is the amount of iPhone apps that are now available. BB fans are trying to convince themselves that this is not important which is absolutely hysterical.

The App Store arrived with a huge number or apps in such a short time, with RIM barely having any apps, almost none that compare to the apps for iPhone in quality. BB is doing all it can to copy the iPhone and the App Store. BUT not doing such a good job as the Storm is a neutered wannabe, with almost nothing in the way of games or other apps.

There are so many fantastic apps for the iPhone. I was praying for the Storm to be huge and innovative. What RIM brought was a crippled device with its biggest innovation being an entire screen that clicks and makes typing on the damn thing like using an old mechanical typewriters out of the 1950s!

Multi-player games, FTP/WebDAV apps, hundreds of navigation apps, social apps like FaceBook, Pandora,, BeeJive IM, VNC apps, text editing apps, voice dialers, Joost, voice controlled directions, wikipedia apps, network tools, VoIP apps like Skype via Fring & TruPhone, 1password, Wallet apps, AOL IM, AOL Radio, Internet radio apps, real time flight tracker, language translator apps, are NOT the type of iPhone apps I am talking about. BB users have no choices like this.

With NO WiFi, a locked GPS chip, and without a decent SDK for developers RIM has NO chance of catching the App Store in numbers or QUALITY.

RIM has a phone and Apple has a platform, that is the best way I can describe it. The iPhone will continue to trounce RIM going forward if the Storm is all they can do! It is not even the best BB, the Bold is!

regular reader

James which screen on Storm showed u that the update was available?

James Kendrick

If I had stability issues like some reviewers have reported my impression would be quite different. That’s not the case though and with the upgrade I am seriously thinking of buying my own which says it all.

I haven’t played with the Omnia though. But let’s face it, a Blackberry is a Blackberry. :)


The reason why many reviewers didn’t like it was that the software just wasn’t ready. There was incredible lag, bugs, and the acceleromer would take half an hour to switch orientations. It just reeked of Big V pressuring RIM to push it out before Black Friday, and it’s a shame.

I have a review unit and a a personal unit that I bought ($269 on a one-year contract), and the new software makes this a pretty bad a** blackberry. It’s not quite the productivity device that the bold is, but it’s a well made device that’s very good. It’s an incredibly appealing alternative to the iPhone, and probably the best smartphone in general for Verizon (haven’t touched the Omnia though, any thoughts on that jk?)


I can’t understand how you love the storm but most reviews don’t like it. Personally I haven’t seen any reason to dislike it.

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