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9 iPhone Puzzle Games to Keep You Entertained

Continuing with our round up of iPhone/iPod touch apps, here are 9 puzzle games (in no particular order) worth checking out. Each item on the list links to a full review with feature and pricing information.

Find the most words, get the high score.

Two games in one. Play the Drop mode for Bejeweled-like game play or the Zen mode for a Solitaire-esque game.

Rotate the object to match the silhouette.

Puzzloop Endless
Fend off a non-stop barrage of colored balls.

Compete against the computer or another player in capturing the most squares.

Dizzy Bee
Use your touch device’s accelerometer to control Dizzy Bee and save its fruit friends.

Use mirrors and colored filters to guide a laser beam through check points.

It’s Scrabble meets the Rubick’s cube.

Amazing Sudoku
A flashy, stylized version of the cult game.

31 Responses to “9 iPhone Puzzle Games to Keep You Entertained”

  1. PuzzleDude

    Check out Spin Puzzle ( . Don’t let the screen caps fool you, it’s not a slider puzzle. Great iphone-centric design, really puts the device’s features to good use.

  2. john mandel

    I want to mention 3 great puzzles that kept me busy for several hours:
    — Lasers by Brisk Mobile
    — Cassiopeia by Pocket Minutes
    — Blocked by Joel Rosenberg

    These puzzles were recomended by Dorothy at

  3. hkiphone

    I also recommend these puzzle games for the iPhone:
    Trism (Abit slower paced, but very unique take on iPhone’s capabilities)
    Tatonic (The nearest to Lumines as we’ll ever get, but has its own flavour as the number of atoms required to join up before being removed increases over time. Absorbing stuff)
    Enigmo (One of the first games and its a very interesting concept.)
    Trace (Not strictly a puzzler, but interesting that you literally draw the solutions yourself!)