Sprint Launches Platform To Bring Java Developers From The Desktop To Mobile

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Sprint (NYSE: S) has developed a new software platform that it hopes will enable the larger desktop-community of Java developers to easily and quickly develop applications for the mobile phone. It said today, it wants to close the gap between the 7.1 million Java developers for the desktop, and the 3.6 million mobile developers. This is a common problem with many solutions already out on the market, but Sprint wants to solve it by releasing a platform for Windows Mobile devices that allows developers to use “the same codes, tools and resources in the mobile environment as those used for desktop applications.” Sprint will provide more details on the platform at its annual three-day Application Developer Conference on Dec. 10. It said the the Sprint Titan platform will be the first of several open platforms. Release.

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Here is a better spin on the situation Moco readers…. Sprint has already alienated most mobile j2me developers so now it needs to tap the desktop developers to build apps for it. Sure they will give you a certificate to access deep API functionallity to develop…however once you've spent the money to develop and port it to all their phones, do not think for one minute they will simply provide a certificate to launch it commercially…. there are many more hoops of fire to jump though after that.

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