Microsoft offers .docx to HTML Firefox extension


MicrosoftofficelogoOne of the most frustrating aspects of working in the cloud is when I get a .docx file from someone to read, review or edit. Up to now, I’ve used Zamzar to convert the .docx file to .doc since Google Docs doesn’t yet support .docx imports. Digital Inspirations just came to the rescue with a second option that’s specific to Firefox users in the cloud looking to simply read a .docx file.

The Open XML Document Viewer Firefox extension from Microsoft will open and translate any .docx file into HTML so you can view it in the proper format within your browser. Note that this is just a handy viewer in its first release; in the Spring of 2009, Microsoft is planning to bring support to Opera’s browser as well.


Ricky Brent

I run into that all the time, Baz. (The docx thing.) It is nothing new; every time Word updates, there is a new version of .doc. Churlish or not, it has been part of the marketplace forever.

I like also sending PDF, just in case my writer program of choice messed up in its export to .doc.

This extension sounds really great, though. It should help with people who send along .docx files without thinking.



You actually know people/companies who willfully use the .docx extension? Doubtless then, you get others – using yet another WP – sending you .odt files, too?
These individuals and companies are clearly just yanking your (our) chains as they set about to ‘create’ new standards for their correspondence (doubtless using their bright and shiny new WP which uses that as a default), while ignoring the fact that few others have the capabilities or interest in following along.

95% of the documents I receive from companies or individuals (or I’m asked to create for same) are created using Word’s .doc (Word 97/2000/XP) format – regardless of what WP was used to create the document – while the 5% allows for doubt on somebody’s part and are created in .rtf or .pdf, just in case.

Yes, I get that this ‘old’ standard is just that and therefore not as attractive for users and that there might be some security issues involved, too – but for a WP manufacturer to create a new standard more with an eye to impose a market share issue (and therefore profits) over usability seems churlish – if not an enormous waste of time.

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