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J— in My Pants has SNL Back On YouTube. Sort Of.

picture-11Updated 12:05 p.m. PT: The YouTube version is now back up, though embedding has been disabled. We’ve replaced the YouTube embed with the official NBC upload.

Updated 10:15 a.m. PT: The video is no longer available on the Lonely Island YouTube account. It had accumulated 917,153 views since it was posted yesterday, and was the #1 most-viewed video today. However, the video remains up on and Hulu. We are contacting SNL for comment.

Saturday Night Live, would you make up your mind already? First, it was “Wait, there’s video on the Internet?” Then, it was “Wait, the Internet means people can watch the funniest bits for free? Screw that! We gotta get those taken down! Who has YouTube’s phone number?” Then they were all “OK, maaaaybe we’ll make it available — but only on our own personal YouTube channel.” Then they took THAT down, because NBC went to all the trouble of making their very own super-special online video hosting site

…but this Saturday, a clip from SNL is officially available on YouTube. Seriously, Saturday Night Live, your Internet video policy is as consistent as the U.S. corporate bailout policy.

Okay, I’m being a bit unfair. The reason the new short, Jizz In My Pants (or J— In My Pants, as it’s known on Hulu) is on YouTube is that, for some reason, SNL is allowing its creators, the Lonely Island, to host the vid on its own YouTube account.

In case you’re new here, the Lonely Island is the comedy group founded by Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone that had managed major online success before being recruited for the Saturday night sketch show. Jizz In My Pants is the first single off the Lonely Island’s upcoming album Incredibad, due to drop Feb. 10, 2009, and the video is available on the official SNL site at and Hulu as well as YouTube.

While the only SNL cast member to appear in the video is Samberg, the gloriously crude music video does co-star Taccone and Schaffer, who are officially SNL staff writers, with cameos by Molly Sim, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and our future Supreme Overlord Justin Timberlake). This is a pretty blatant example of Saturday Night Live allowing some of its supporting players to promote a side project on the air: perhaps the show was running a little short, the writers struggling to come up with fresh comedy in a post-Palin world. I wonder if when Incredibad debuts, Lorne Michaels gets a cut.

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  1. Dr. Matt Dingo

    “The description on the video says it’s “Copyright Universal Republic” so presumably it is their decision, not NBC’s.”

    Universal Republic is a part of NBC-Universay (same company)