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IronScale: Not Another Cloud

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image001StrataScale, a subsidiary of colocation services provider company RagingWire, is expected to announce on Tuesday the general availability of a managed hosting product called IronScale. Surprisingly, unlike many of the companies that host data center hardware, IronScale is not a cloud, but a managed server offering. In this fog-permeated atmosphere of cloud computing, StrataScale’s choice is both novel and, quite frankly, refreshing in its honesty.

According to StrataScale’s V-P of marketing, Doug Adams, IronScale is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t want to own their own servers, but want instant provisioning of new hardware. And while it can be up and running on new servers in a manner of minutes, it isn’t a true cloud service in that the customer gets its own machines and those machines don’t have to be virtualized.

We’ve called Rackspace (s RACK) and IBM (s IBM) to task for pitching cloud services that look much more like managed services, so it’s nice to see a vendor take the less glamorous route and ‘fess up to providing a basic managed service. As for the cloud, Adams says it will have to wait. He’s not sure that enterprise or SMB customers are really willing to buy computing by the cycle for most parts of their business yet.

6 Responses to “IronScale: Not Another Cloud”

  1. Scott, I think you missed the point of IronScale. It provides users control of their entire hosted IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world via an easy to use web browser-based graphical user interface. This applies to building and managing their infrastructure. Not only can users build a server rapidly, they can control how it is provisioned without slowing things down. They can also maintain their environment, easily performing tasks like adding storage to a server, switching networks, restore to snapshot point in a matter of minutes through the UI. IronScale is also a fully manged offering, so it includes fully managed 24×7 proactive tech support with everything in the environment. The key is the time saved using IronScale.

  2. Hi Stacey, yes honesty is good. But who else is calling themselves a cloud provider with only rapid provisioning? Other companies have had rapid provisioning for a long time and aren’t calling themselves a cloud provider either. Some hosting companies aren’t claiming to be rocket ships too…

  3. Stacey Higginbotham

    Scott, I wanted to use this to point out that rapid provisioning doesn’t necessarily equate to cloud computing. StrataScale is offering that without calling itself a cloud. Refreshing honesty sometimes gets noticed.

  4. So this is an article about a dedicated server company who is not a cloud provider and not calling themselves a cloud provider? Aren’t there about 900,000 dedicated server companies not providing cloud services?? Am I missing something or does StrataScale give really nice presents to GigaOM article writers?

  5. I’ve seen a demo of this IronScale product. It actually is pretty cool. The fact that there is essentially a centralized and secure portal to manage all of your environments was appealing to me and my needs.