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Electric-Vehicle Makers Struggle, Seek Aid Along With Detroit: Representatives from the EV industry sprang to action in Washington, D.C. last week before executives from Detroit’s Big Three arrived, calling for subsidized loans, expanded tax credits, a national push for development of advanced vehicle batteries, and more government purchases of electric cars. — Wall Street Journal

California Utility Commission Reconsiders Deregulation: The California Public Utility Commission has begun exploring ways to reopen a program allowing residential and large power users to shop around for the lowest electricity prices, reigniting the debate on what caused the state’s 2000-01 energy crisis. — Los Angeles Times

Daimler Plans EV Serial Production: German magazine WirtschaftsWoche reports internal documents from Daimler AG reveal the automaker plans to deliver an electric version of the Smart by 2012 (keeping with goals set this summer), plus electric and possibly hybrid versions of the Mercedes Benz A- and B-class models several months later. — MarketWatch

Wind Farms on the Horizon for Great Lakes Region: As the City of Cleveland nears completion of a $1 million study on turbines for the Lake Eerie shoreline, some local observers expect wind power to assume a central role in the region’s economy. Others worry it will destroy the landscape. — Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Carbon Trading on the Chopping Block: Several European Union governments are pushing back on plans to make utilities pay for all emissions permits beginning in 2013, rather than getting them for free. Reporter James Kanter calls it a sign of things to come for President-elect Barack Obama. — NYT’s Green Inc.

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  1. EV manufactures are struggling no more than anyone else in the market; possibly less than others. ZAP for instance posed a record sales figure just last quarter and demand for EVs is still pretty solid right now.