Google Allows Desktop Ads To Appear On Mobile Phones


imageGoogle (NSDQ: GOOG) announced a new feature for its AdWords service today, which will enable ads that were once formatted and restricted to the desktop computer to also appear on mobile phones. Historically, it didn’t make sense to deliver desktop ads to the phone because if a consumer clicked on it, they wouldn’t be able to view the page correctly. But now that some phones have full Internet browsers, this is less of a concern. Google said today in a blog post that advertisers will be able to place the same ads on the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1, as well as other phones with full HTML Internet browsers as they become available. This is likely a compelling option for an advertiser since it will allow them to reach mobile users without having to fuss with building separate mobile ad formats.



I agree with Michael's comments on user experience. Also, is this not eating into the ability of MNOs to sell advertising?


Good question. I think it's up to the brand and their agency to know better, but in a developing market/ecosystem, media partners like google should NOT recommend executions that fly in the face of best practices. We all need to grow the category and bad user experience hurts us all. :)

Tricia Duryee

Michael, Good point. I thought about this briefly, too. I guess my first thought was that it could serve as good starting place for an advertiser to test out mobile. But to your point, maybe it would be a lousy experience since the campaign wouldn't take the context of the user into consideration? Should that be up to Google to restrict, or should the advertiser be savvy enough to know that on their own? Does anyone else have other thoughts?


Have you ever actually tried using a "full html / desktop site" on an iPhone or G1 for a campaign? Does your site have flash? Does it run Javascript? These are just some of the problems you will run into.

Plus a good mobile campaign considers context and the use case of the end-user. In many cases, a full web site would be contrary to that goal.

IMHO, it is a TERRIBLE user experience to drive someone away from a mobile optimized experience to a wired-web experience when they are on a mobile device – Even the iphone and G1. Google is essentially asking advertisers to shoot themselves in the foot with this type of advice.

Skipping the step (and opportunity) to build a mobile optimized web experience is a great way to create bad user experience. Can google think of any other ways to hold back mobile advertising and marketing?

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