High-Profile Women’s Site WowOwow Raises Additional $1.5 Million


imageWowOwow.com, the site launched earlier this year by five female media stars — including 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, conservative pundit Peggy Noonan and gossip maven Liz Smith — has received an addition $1.5 million in funding, MediaMemo reports. The round was led by Bob Pittman


Grace Harwood

Sadly, Mr. Henley is one of the reasons I do not go to the wOw website. His comments are off-point, ascerbic, and anti-womanist. He is rude and uninformed. I can find disagreeable, uninteresting people among my neighbors; I don't need some jerk male on a website designed for women over 40. Joni Evans is doing a very good job, particularly for a novice, in balancing the interests. Mr. Henley is not one of them.

Victoria V

Re: jim henley Tue 20 Jan 2009 10:11 AM

What mr henley neglected to mention is that his posts on wowowow were in violation of the terms of use for the site, and contained remarks that were hostile to and abusive of women. Not exactly the angel he would have you believe. mr henley arrived at wowowow with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind. He is neither female nor over 40, so why did he want to be on wowowow in the first place?

mr henley posts his hostility and abuse on more than one site on the Internet. Feel free to do a Google search for him. I did.

Kudos to Joni Evans.


I publish Goldivas.com, for women over 50, and I wonder why some of these sites are targeting a wider range of ages. 40+ is a huge range, for example, and one of them said 25 to 55! I think the new moms and parents sites are more focused, and that probably works better.

jim henley

The site wowowow does not give people their freedom of speech. I am not a fan of Obama or gay marriage. I have let my opinions known on the blog wowowow regarding this. I was called a clod, idiot, moron, stupid, fool, my family was chastised, I was even called a douchebag by one of their female members. All this for stating my opinions on Obama. I realize that the Obamamania that is ocurring in our country can throw people off the edge a bit. My computer was completely blocked from wowowow. I can longer blog on that site. My opinions are as important as anybodys. Joni Evans should be ashamed of herself.

Denise S

This site looks great and I wish all the women of wOw best of luck in this venture. I see nice banner ad for St. Jude's Hospital on the site today. Who can argue with that?

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