Weekly App Store Roundup: Dec. 6, 2008


As we speed down the information superhighway, we’re left with a few moments to glance in to our rear-view mirror and see the week that was fade in the distance.

And what a week it has been, with TAB pointing out AT&T’s 12,000 redundancies and apparent defiance of the economic slump, iPhone devs finally getting the tools they need to promote their apps properly, Tapulous presenting their iPhone offering for the holiday season and our very own ultimate roundup of Twitter apps.

So now it’s time to slide our brains in to fifth gear and cruise through the weekend, and to aid your journey I’ve picked several of the latest apps especially for your iPhone.

This week I’m looking at The Spirit, Buddha Machine and iTie.

The Spirit (free)
Frank Miller, the creative mind behind gritty comic-noir Sin City, has directed a forthcoming movie called The Spirit. This app is a free promo for the movie, allowing you to take a photo of yourself and then view a short clip from the movie, starring you! Just like The Dark Knight: HaHaHa, this is gimmicky fun, when it works.

Buddha Machine ($3.99)
Created by electronic-music producers FM3, the Buddha Machine was originally a small box that acted as a sort of spooky ambient radio. The box has several loops built in, creating a sort of fizzing, crackling lo-fi ambience. Now an incredibly faithful rendition of FM3’s weird sound toy is available for iPhone.

iTie (free)
I grew up in England, which means, at school, I had to wear a uniform. In fact, I had to wear a blazer, cap, obscenely short shorts, a shirt and, of course, the school tie. As a result, now that I’m grown up, I adore wearing ties and am a proper dapper chap. You too can be a dapper chap (or chapette), by using this informative app which will teach you how to tie a tie.

As ever, before we say good bye for another week, I’ve a few moments to tell you about other iPhone-related occurrences. Of note this week has been the update to the iPhone web app for Yahoo’s wonderful photo service, Flickr (visit http://m.flickr.com on your iPhone to check it out).

Klick is great for Flickr on the go

Klick is great for Flickr on the go

I’m an avid Flickr user and have been for a couple of years now; yet despite the connected-nature of both the site and my iPhone, bringing the two together has been a bothersome affair.

There are several Flickr uploading apps for the iPhone, allowing you to send your iPhone photos directly to the site. Most are lacking in features and cost several pennies too, however, a few months back, I tracked down a fantastic app called Klick.

Essential for all iPhone-toting Flickr users, Klick is a free app that handles direct uploading to Flickr, location-based photo searching and even favorites and comments. It’s a fantastic tool and certainly deserves more exposure than it has had so far.

The iPhone’s camera is the weak-point of an impressively polished device — lacking in any sort of configuration options and outputting grainy, poorly rendered images. And now, I’ve resorted to processing my images in Project Polaroid (mentioned last week) before uploading with Klick.

It seems though that we’re out of time for this week, I’ll be back next Saturday, with more iPhone apps. In the meantime, leave a comment and let me know which apps you’ve been trying out.



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