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Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar With Your iPhone

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In the past, syncing Google Calendar with your iPhone has been a pretty big hassle. After having tried just about every method in the book, I’ve found two solutions that are definitely worth checking out.

One is NuevaSync, which is completely free but requires registering for an account. The other is SaiSuke, which costs $10 but offers many more settings to set things up exactly how you need to. Read the complete review on TheAppleBlog.

5 Responses to “Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar With Your iPhone”

  1. I’ve used NuevaSync for 2.5 months and love it. As far as contacts go, I use iTunes to sync my gmail contacts. The only bad part is that gmail remembers every email address that is used. But I go through and clean them up and resync. Not too big of a deal.

  2. NuevaSync works great, is easily configured and is (for now) free.
    There is another synch tool, NemusSync, which is more configurable and lets you synch more than one calendar, but your iPhone has to be jailbroken and the synch process has to be started manually.

    Now if Google could only fix the contacts part of GMail and add some functionality then NuevaSync could synch them as well.

    Or does anyone know of a good alternative for contacts?

  3. If you use Highrise and you want to have access to the Highrise contacts from your iPhone, my app called hContacts can do just that. hContacts features the look and feel of iPhone Contacts application yet it allows you to keep your Highrise contacts separate from iPhone contacts. With hContacts, you can search contacts, view contact information and contact’s photo, it also lets you call, email or text a contact right from the contact info screen. Please give it a try.