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Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar With Your iPhone

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I live and die by my Google calendar and have always hated the fact that I could not wirelessly sync it with my iPhone. I’ve tried every method in the book, and finally have found two methods to wirelessly sync your Google calendar to your iPhone.


The first method is free and uses a service called NuevaSync. NuevaSync allows over the air synchronization to the built in iPhone calendar. It seems like a great service, but I could never get it to work because it requires the iPhone Exchange account to work (you are only allowed to have one Exchange account per phone and mine is used for work email). My roomate has successfully set it up on his phone and he reports that it works well. NuevaSync does not require the user to install any third party software, but does require the user to create an account on the NuevaSync website (security risks?). Instructions for configuring NuevaSync can be found here.


The second method, SaiSuke, can be purchased from the iTunes App store for $10 and installs a separate calendaring application on the iPhone. After downloading and installing, it literally took me five minutes to set up (set up your Gmail username and password inside the iPhone menu Settings > SaiSuke). The program allows you to toggle which Google calendars are visible, and whether you want to sync 1 way Google-to-iPhone only, 1 way iPhone-to-Google only, or 2 ways. The color coding of the calendars stays intact, making reading a whole lot easier. There are a myriad of views including: list, day, week, month, and year, but I tend to stay in the default month view with the summary of the day below.

If you can get away with using NuevaSync, and do not mind giving your Gmail username and password to a new kid on the block, then try out NuevaSync. If you want a more robust, secure method, I highly recommend SaiSuke.

37 Responses to “Wirelessly Sync Google Calendar With Your iPhone”

  1. If you have a planner.. and you’re a busy person.. You carry that wherever you go so you can make reference to it.

    In the digital age, planners are now accessible on phones, pdas, smart phones, online, the computer..etc. Some people have calendars that are shared and dedicated to a company, within a group, or in my case at my university. In some instances, people would like to have multiple calendars accessible from “one point”, in this case, the iPhone, much like a hand written calendar. Additionally, sometimes changes are made or events added to a calendar that maybe online or on the computer. Some people would like to have those changes appear on their iPhone without having to input that change twice and vise versa. efficiency.

    Traditionally, this is done by connecting the computer to the phone with a usb cord. Simple and straight forward. Nowadays, everything is going wireless. More convenient at times and the laptop in not in reach.

    I personally use google calendars as my main calendar to keep track with my courses, inputted all my syllabi with due dates and all,etc. From there, I can sync iCal or outlook express to pull up those calendars. For my phone to reflect my calendar, I have to sync if from my laptop through a wire. In essence people are looking for a way to update their phones wireless over the internet, bypassing the laptop all together, pulling it directly from their online calendars.

    Hope that answers your question. Got it? Good.
    so that everything is in synch. So that, in situations where you’re at your laptop or desktop

  2. why does everyone want to sync with their computers? why isn’t having your ical or things or omnifocus on your iphone enough? got a new event? just put it in your iphone? please explain, my iphone arrives today and i don’t get it.

  3. To be more specic: When you open your email, you’ll notice that there is data exchanging, but email is not syncing: no upload no download. It’s solely calendars updating. Your email capability/accessibility to that specifc gmail account is at a standstill.

  4. It works great BUT the trade-off is sacrificing gmail access to account that is linked to google calendar. Once you have the exchange account setup, you’ll see that you can turn E-mail on,however it is not supported by, I tried enabling E-Mail, but it is not supported,I’m only left with a disable radio button.

    The solution to this would be to create another google account solely for calendars, but that would be pointless and defeating the purpose of being fully integrated.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

  5. It works great BUT the trade-off is sacrificing gmail access to account that is linked to google calendar. Once you have the exchange account setup, you’ll see that you can turn E-mail on,however it is not supported by, I tried enabling E-Mail, but it is not supported,I’m only left with a disable radio button.

    The solution to this would be to create another google account solely for calendars, but that would be pointless and defeating the purpose of being fully integrated.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

  6. I just did the NuevaSync application described above. I am not very tech savvy and have very little patience troubleshooting these types of things, but it worked perfectly…and only took 5 minutes. Now I can see my Google calendar in the iphone calendar application (which is much better than the Google calendar iphone interface). I can edit/delete events in the iphone calendar, then hit “refresh” on my Google calendar displayed on my laptop and the change instantly shows up. Then I change something in Google calendar on my laptop and refresh the iphone calendar and the change show up instantly too. No need to connect the iphone to my laptop and sync. This is perfect…just what I needed because I love using Google calendar, but the Google calendar iphone interface wasn’t very good because you couldn’t edit/delete events. Now the Google calendar on my laptop and the calendar application on my iphone are perfectly synced in real time. Thanks!!!!

  7. Saisuke is available at the App store and does sync the Google calendar OTA, but you must click the sync button [when you add or change an entry], which is at the bottom of any page. Note that it will only sync with the date range that you set up in preferences, but a broad range would make it work fine. You can change the date range for syncing when you are at the end of the range, or make it so large that it doesn’t matter.

  8. In terms of security, NemusSync still appears to be the best solution because it communicates directly with Google via a secure channel. It’s a pity NemusSync isn’t available in the AppStore. I’m looking for a solution that sync with Google Calendar OTA each time there is a calendar insert, update or delete – just like MobileMe but with Google…

  9. Thanks Ben. I wanted to use it, but I would have to delete my Exchange account calender [I think ] and that month at a glance with text was really needed [Saisuke] I got the free version and just kept changing the iPhone date to by one week to get the entire 3 months of my schedule, since the Saisuke free version only syncs one week [current date]. Also, I jailbroke my phone for the heck of it, since I could restore it back at any time. this allowed me to try a few apps, only to find them not very useful, and deleted them [rather than paying and finding them useless].


  10. Ben Seven

    @ Bill – you’re right to remember that, as previously Nuevasync required the entry of username and password during setup – however now they have implemented the more trustworthy google service authorization system, and this is no longer the case.

    What bugs me is it would be easy for the TAB author to edit this post with an ‘update’ detailing this – a blog as popular as TAB needs to monitor their comments for mistakes and amendments to their articles, like all the major tech / Apple-centric blogs do – this post currently has factual mistakes which without correction discourage the use of somthing which is actually a remarkably stable and useful piece of web synchronisation.

  11. But Saisuke is an iPhone app, which I would probably assume that security issues would be a problem to maintain iphone app status, but you may be right. I have Exchange, but the iPhone calendar stinks compared to Saisuke [monthly text view]. So I use both, but rely on Saisuke every day. Entourage syncs with Exchange, which syncs with Outlook on my PC, which syncs with Google, which syncs with Saisuke. I could add in iCal to sync with gcal, and exclude the PC, but I don’t need to update frequently, and everything justs auto updates, then click the sync button on Saisuke, so it’s pretty seemless and doesn’t take much to setup.
    I seemed to remember NeuvaSync asking for my Gmail password, but I guess that I must be wrong.

  12. Calendar user

    I think you got the security risks exactly wrong. With NuevaSync I did not have to enter my gmail password. The only security risk I see with them is that they have your calendaring information.

    With SaiSuke, you actually need to enter your gmail password. I will never do that.

    Both seem to me to be equally “new kids on the block”.

  13. Ben Seven

    @ Andy Fuchs –

    As useful as that may be, it’s not really relevant to this article, which discusses two solutions for synchronisation straight to / from the iPhone. Using a workaround to Sync iCal with GCal is useful for auto-sync (i.e without plugging in your iPhone) if you have MobileMe, but otherwise not exactly medal-worthy.

  14. It does work with GAFYD – you just need to enter your full GAFYD email address, rather than just the user name.

    Multiple Google calendars from your account are synched to the iPhone – alas, if you have say 3 different calendars in Google, they seem to be ALL “flattened” into one on your iPhone :(

  15. If you use Highrise and you want to have access to the Highrise contacts from your iPhone, my app called hContacts can do just that. hContacts features the look and feel of iPhone Contacts application yet it allows you to keep your Highrise contacts separate from iPhone contacts. With hContacts, you can search contacts, view contact information and contact’s photo, it also lets you call, email or text a contact right from the contact info screen. Please give it a try.

  16. Ben Seven

    @ crap – multiple calendars are supported, they just don’t show up in different colours. Depending on what you use them for, this can be a deal breaker for some.

  17. I have my home (iCal) and work (Exchange) calendars syncs with Google Calendars already. For iCal, I use caldav (weren’t you guys the ones that suggested it?). For Exchange, I use Google Calendar Sync. Works great for me…I like using Google Calendars to manage events, but I feel the iPhone Calendars interface is more convenient than the Google Calendars iPhone Web app. I wish Google Apps were available as native iPhone apps but given Andriod I can understand why they are not motivated to do this.

  18. Ben Seven

    @ Andy Fuchs – an additional app (or rather, service in the case of nuevasync) can be useful if your situation suits it – for instance my Fiance and I are subscribed to each other’s Gcal, and the minute one of us adds an item on the iphone it is available on both our iPhones. No syncing to the computer or MobileMe required.

    I don’t quite follow exactly how your setup works, all I know is using NS to handle the sync-to-iPhone part negates the need to pay for MobileMe, making this a free setup.

    Obviously MobileMe is much more than calendar sync, but the only thing I ‘Need’ that it offers is calendar sync. So might as well use a free solution for that!

  19. Andy Fuchs

    Hm – I use the integrated caldav synchronization of iCal to my Google calendars and MobileMe. That works great for my multiple Macs AND the iPhone.

    So it seems I don’t understand why we need another app…

  20. I do this by running BusySync on my desktop, then letting MobileMe do its thing – this has a couple of advantages in that a) there are no third parties involved and b) I only need to configure one machine for sync in order to have it available on my phone, laptop, home desktop and office desktop with a minimum of hassle.

  21. Ben Seven

    Nuevasync account information:

    When you register with Nuevasync, we will request some personal information, including your first and last name, email address, a username, and password to create your account. You are not required to provide your name. We use your name only to greet you personally if we need to communicate with you. Your username, e-mail address and password are required to provide the service.

    Provider account credentials

    When you configure a provider for your Nuevasync account (for example Google calendar) you give us your provider username and credentials (either your password or a security token depending on the authentication system used by the provider). We use these credentials only to access your information in the provider’s service on your behalf, in order to provide the syncronization service.

    (In the case of Google, security tokens are used).

    Taken from

  22. Ben Seven

    “but does require the user to create an account on the NuevaSync website (security risks?)”

    What?! I use Nuevasync and it uses Google’s token authorisation (similar to authorising apps to connect to your Flickr account) meaning the Nuevasync team only have access to the data you enable eg. calendar data, not your Google username and password.

    No need to put people off a great service just because you haven’t actually used it and don’t fully understand it!