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Vid-Biz: Flickr, Netflix, “Vidding”

Flickr Mobile Adds Video Support; photo-sharing site implements QuickTime-compatible videos encoded in H.264 so they run on iPhones and iPod Touches. (VentureBeat)

Netflix Streaming Having Video Issues; strange glitch diminishing video quality for some users of the Roku and Xbox. (CNET)

What Is Vidding? Video series devoted to the initiative fans take to edit new music to video clips they enjoy. (Henry Jenkins Blog)

Q4 Consumer Electronics Sales to Equal Last Year; Consumer Electronics Association had to cut its original prediction from October, when it forecast that sales would grow 3.5 percent, noting that people are buying smaller, cheaper TVs. (The New York Times)

Microsoft “Suits” Just Like Hollywood “Suits;” James Gunn, who directed one of the original horror shorts for Xbox, says Microsoft meddled in the creative process as much as studios do. (AdAge)

CBS and BusinessWeek to Share More Stories; CBS Evening News to expand partnership with the biz magazine for stories that will appear on each other’s properties. (Broadcasting & Cable)