The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game for iPhone

This week, Glu Mobile’s latest game The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game for iPhone went live on the App Store. In the game, players get to direct the Batmobile through a difficult street path filled with twists and turns as well as jump sequences with the goal of getting Batman to Gotham City as quickly as possible. The game uses the iPhone accelerometer to further excite playability as well as 3D graphics for an enhanced visual experience.

The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game

Players experience the power behind the 2.5 ton Batmobile as they drive it through a series of high-powered jump sequences to get Batman through the streets of Gotham City as quickly as possible. Unlike a typical racing game, you don’t actually ‘steer’ the vehicle, but use the iPhone to apply speed boosts, fire the weapon (on a limited basis), and align the Batmobile correctly when performing a jump. This does make it very easy to pick up and play, but after a few plays you may find the gameplay a little limited.

There are some impressive graphics, and the game re-creates the eerie feel of Gotham City well. Likewise, the Batmobile bears an excellent resemblance to the model featured in the film.

Glu Mobile

Jill Braff, Glu’s senior vice president explains that:

The launch of The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game represents the variety of games we’ll be bringing to the iPhone and iPod Touch in the coming year, which will include original titles and licensed games and a range of gameplay depth

I’m looking forward to seeing future releases from Glu, as I feel that they’re just starting to perfect gameplay on the iPhone. A version with greater depth and additional maps would be welcomed, but the Batmobile game is a good sign of things to come. It also marks the beginning of ‘Glu Snax’, a category of games specifically designed for th iPhone that combine addictive gameplay at a low price point. Glu Snax titles deliver iPhone consumers a “quick, engaging and affordable game experience.”

If you’re able to gain a ‘perfect’ score, it opens up a bonus round. As you can see, I still have a little way to go before I unlock the extra level! The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game is a very good example of a game which utilizes the devices’ accelerometer and 3-D graphics well, but you do get what you pay for. It would be too good to be true for the game to have several levels and true player driving control for only 99 cents. The game is now available to iPhone and iPod touch consumers via the App Store.