Updated: Limelight Networks CDN Hiccups in Asia

Updated with Limelight response:  A source of mine just alerted me that Limelight Networks (s LLNW) is suffering some kind of outage in Asia and Europe. Their U.S. network is working just fine, and perhaps that’s why I have not heard anything. It is hard to tell from here in San Francisco, and for now consider this unverified report. I have reached out to the company and waiting to hear back from them as well. Their head of PR just got in touch with me and said that the company did have a network degradation in parts of Asia that led to really slow response times, but the service was restored to normal by 1 A.M. Mountain Time. The service wasn’t impacted in Europe and North America, but rather impacted a few web sites in Asia that were using “using one of our storage centers.”

“We are looking into the cause and waiting for details,” he said, pointing out that the outage took place for a shade over two hours. In a follow-up update, the rep said that the “degradation in service” took place during a five-hour “maintenance window” by NTT, and that “three of our customers in Asia reported service performance degradation during that time.” If you are one of the sites (or service) that was impacted by this outage, get in touch or leave a comment. I will update the story as soon as I get more details. Further update: Readers are saying that Limelight is still down — please see the comments section. If this outage is happening it is not good testimony for Limelight, which recently touted that its global content delivery capacity had exceeded two terabits per second (Tbps). Or as the company colorfully put it, enough capacity to deliver broadcast-quality content to over 2 million simultaneous Internet users.

Image: Limelight Networks Map, courtesy of the company