Friday Fun: Gmail Stickers


Official Gmail Blog - Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 (Build 20081007125523)If you’re like most web workers, Google is pretty pervasive in your online life. But how about your physical life – you know, the one full of atoms rather than bits? Well, if you’d like a little bit of Google to stick on your laptop or keyboard, the Gmail team has a deal for you. Just send a stamp (or an IRC, if you’re out of the country) to

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

And you’ll get back a set of vinyl stickers, including a glittery Gmail icon and (probably more useful) a sheet of keyboard stickers showing the various Gmail shortcuts. Who knows how long supplies last, but if you want a stocking stuffer for a geek in your life, go for it.

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