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eSolar's Engineers Give a Geeky Solar Birthday Shoutout

Those kooky solar engineers are always up for a good lark! The engineers at eSolar decided to really cut loose for this year’s birthday celebration of the firm’s founder, Bill Gross. They put together this video, which is the equivalent of an all-night drinking binge in Vegas for a solar engineer…meaning they programmed their solar mirrors to spell out happy birthday for Gross. I think they might need some time out of the hot sun. Watch the video, which also looks weirdly like a North Korean festival.

The eSolar engineers do have reason to be giddy. Yesterday the California Public Utilities Commission approved eSolar’s potentially 245 MW solar plant contract with California utility Southern California Edison. Called the Gaskell Project, the farm will be built in Kern County and is supposed to come online in April 2012. The company is backed by Bill Gross’ Idealab, (s goog), and Oak Investment Partner.