Yell Scraps Mobile Division As Part Of £100 Million Restructure

Local listings directory business Yell is merging its mobile division into its main digital department as part of a £100 million restructure that will also cost 1,300 jobs globally in the next ten months, including 350 in the UK, reports NMA. Head of mobile Carey Bunks, who joined in 2006 and worked on the development of’s mobile maps, is being made redundant as part of the changes. A Yell spokesperson says (via NMA): “While a difficult decision, it was an inevitable consequence of the structural changes necessary to effectively integrate mobile and mobile maps into the overall business.” This is a trend in the mobile space: both the BBC and News International have both recently merged separate mobile units into wider teams. When times are good there is money to develop each area of advertising and content, but in times like these separate specialist divisions are a luxury few publishers can afford.


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