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Newsday Cuts 100 — And Hikes Its Price

imageJust because Newsday is now owned by a cable company instead of a newspaper publisher doesn’t mean it can escape the inevitable. The Long Island daily is the latest newspaper to take out the job ax, as Crain’s NY Business says the paper is cutting 100 posts, or 5 percent of its staff. Apart from resorting to cuts to deal with fading revenues, Newsday is trying to manage its costs by raising its newsstand price. The Sunday edition will go from $1.59 to $2 on Long Island, and $1 to $1.25 in New York’s five boroughs. The weekday paper will rise from 50- to 75 cents on Long Island only; the price won’t change in the city. More details on Newsday’s own site here.

Feeling former siblings’ pain: Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) bought Newsday from Tribune Company for $632 million this summer. A look back at the job cuts that have hit Newsday’s former siblings at Tribune since Sam Zell took over as chair this past year amounts to at least 489 jobs lost, including the Chicago Tribune’s 11 layoffs this week, LAT’s 325 as of October and 153 at The Orlando Sentinel. Back in February, Zell said that Tribune would have to brace for about 500 layoffs this year.

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3 Responses to “Newsday Cuts 100 — And Hikes Its Price”

  1. P. Suekoff

    Everything is being raised. Some we cannot escape but buying a paper is not the most important item. Will not buy this paper every day , so you will lose half your customers. There are other ways to geyt the news.

  2. Sol Barnett

    A 50% increase from $.50 to $.75 is too much. And no increase for New York City. Are we carrying them? And the Sunday is going up also. I just bought my last Newsday. There are other papers out there. Arriverderci.