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Industry Moves: NYT Promotes Denise Warren as GM of

imageThe New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) has appointed Denise Warren, SVP and chief advertising officer of the company, as the GM of, adding to her current duties. She fills the position left vacant by Vivian Schiller, who joined NPR on Dec 1 as the new CEO.

Warren will manage all business operations for, and will report to Martin Nisenholtz, SVP for digital operations. Warren will also continue to lead all ad sales efforts for NYT Media Group, reporting to Scott Heekin-Canedy, president and GM, The New York Times.

David adds: Aside from having to fill Schiller’s role, which had its shares of hits and misses, Warren takes on the roles of setting direction of the company’s advertising efforts and during a time of enormous challenges. On the ad front, spending is slowing sharply at all newspapers and the NYT is by no means immune. Online advertising is slowly making up a greater share of revenues, but the 10.2 percent gain in web ad dollars in Q3 could not offset the general 14.4 percent decline in advertising. Building ad revenues has been difficult enough this past year, but with the increasing deterioration in the wider economy showing no sign of stopping, keeping revenues from falling too far already looks like a gargantuan task. Add to that the increasing encroachment of the WSJ into ad categories like luxury, an area the NYT previously faced little newspaper competition, and Warren’s list of issues to deal with becomes much tougher. What she has going for her is the aggressive stance the paper has taken to experimenting on a number of digital initiatives. In addition to text alerts, adopting Twitter early on and creating its iPhone app, this week’s decision to give aggregated content a more prominent place on the home page has given NYT a fairly solid foundation for one day offsetting the losses on the traditional publishing side.

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2 Responses to “Industry Moves: NYT Promotes Denise Warren as GM of”

  1. David, do you have ANY idea how little digital ops contribute to paying those debt bills at the NYT Company? (

    It will take them longer than they have to lift the CPMS and/or readership on to replace the trending to oblivion demographics/revenue of the mother lady.

    They're finished I think. Sorry

    And despite all the good and bad things we've heard about Ms. Warren, I don't think she's going to make a hell of a lot of difference by adopting Twitter etc.. And aggregated content on home page – genius thinking about 10 years too late.

    As to what she knows about her knowledge about digital business and being a loyal lt. Well, go figure. If I held NYT Stock I'd be short selling – again.

    Watch the markets this week. It'll be fun. Again.

  2. Not surprising. Someone with no web experience gets a web job as a reward for being a loyal lieutenant. That may seem like a great idea but it slows down the website's progress further. That site is already suffering unders layers of transferred print people and it may just become as inefficient and misdirected as the print. On the other hand, it'll be good to have someone as close to Janet Robinson, the CEO, as Denise giving voice to the website's priorities.