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Broadband Content Bits: ITV Renames VOD, New ISP Rules, Dailymotion

*ITV* VOD re-brand: After iPlayer and Sky Player, ITV (LSE: ITV) is also re-branding its catch-up service “ITV Player”. Currently simply called Catch Up, ITV is changing the name to make sure the stream has a recognisable brand ID when shown on other platforms such as BT (NYSE: BT) Vision, which began showing ITV shows last month. Online, viewers can watch some ITV shows for 30 days.

Ofcom’s broadband code: ISPs will be forced to tell customers the truth about broadband speeds at point of sale, under a new Ofcom code. So far, 48 ISPs have signed up, covering 95 percent of the country’s broadband coverage. An Ofcom study to be published next year has found about a quarter of people with broadband subscriptions said they did not get the speed advertised – the code now compels providers to offer an alternate package at no extra cost if broadband speeds fall below what was expected.

Dailymotion: The video sharing site, currently trying to woo independent film makers with its high-quality video player, is doing a simultaneous movie premier stream with the Cinecity Brighton Film Festival on Saturday night. WMD is a documentary about Iraq and will be online at the UK site until Monday morning.

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