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Truphone enables WiFi phone calls on iPod Touch

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TruphoneipodtouchWe’ve talked about Truphone before. They offer low-cost and free voice calling over WiFi for handsets like BlackBerries, Nokia devices and Apple’s iPhone. Can you believe they now offer their service on a non-phone? Yup, as of today, Truphone enables an iPod Touch to be a voice communications device with their free client application available in the iTunes App Store.

Bear in mind that two other requirements come into play here. First, you’ll need a second-generation iPod Touch; the first-gen devices don’t support audio input. A headset with microphone is also required since there’s no built-in microphone on the iPod Touch. Apple sells one in their store of course, but Truphone is working on a microphone adapter of their own. The company tells me that it will be available soon.

With Truphone’s application, an iPod Touch with microphone and a WiFi signal, you can make free calls to other Truphone users on iPod Touches, Nokia handsets and even a contact that uses Google Talk on a PC. Calls to landlines (at low costs), Skype and MSN users are coming soon as are features allowing you to update your Twitter or Facebook status.

While I wouldn’t rely on using an iPod Touch for a majority of my calling just yet, I could see it being very useful for long distance calls by setting up Truphone accounts with friends overseas. Why burn any international minutes or deal with a crappy cellular signal if you’re comfy in a WiFi hotspot with your iPod Touch?

2 Responses to “Truphone enables WiFi phone calls on iPod Touch”

  1. Truphone already had an iPhone app with these features. I think the reason this wasn’t on the iPod Touch was due to the lack of mic support, which has changed with gen 2. Not sure why the iPhone app won’t work on the Touch or why there needs to be a different version though.

  2. I’m surprised to see something like this made it through – what’s stopping people from getting this running on their iPhones? Does Apple segregate the iPhone apps from iPod Touch apps? I know they’ve said that there could be no voip services over the cell phone connection, so I guess WiFi is fair game.