Trigem UMPC breaks the $500 barrier


There’s a lot of confusion about terminology when it comes to portable computers.  We’ve got MIDs, UMPCs, handhelds, netbooks, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Seriously, we tend to define  MID (mobile internet device) as a handheld that is designed to just work on the internet.  These usually have some form of Linux and a pretty UI to make that easier.  UMPCs on the other hand are defined as full computers that run Windows and while handheld they can do anything a Windows computer can do.  On a little screen that is.

One of the original criteria that Microsoft put on UMPCs when they first starting talking about them several years ago was that they’d cost less than $500.  We believe that the main reason UMPCs have never gone anywhere is because most of them that have made it to market have been far above that price point.  Now comes word out of Korea that Trigem (TG) is going to release a real UMPC for less than that magic $500 price point.

The LLUON Mobbit is Atom-powered and stuffed with a 4.8-inch touchscreen, 1 GB of RAM, 30 GB HDD (or 16 GB SSD), digital TV tuner, 2 MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and either WIMAX or WiBro.  It features Windows XP and as the promotional photos prove will easily fit in the hand.  The Mobbit will appear in 2009 and the pricing being discussed puts it coming under the $500 mark.  The UMPC may not be dead after all.


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