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One of These Headlines Does Not Go With The Other

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Below is a partial snapshot of MacDailyNews’ home page as of 18:00 PT on December 4. These two AT&T headlines, one immediately after the other, struck me as kind of funny: 

Not sure if we should consider AT&T as “defying an economic slump” when it’s laying off 12K of its workforce and reducing capital expenditures.

I’m not criticizing MDN, the headlines actually link to two different sources (the former is Bloomberg; the latter is MarketWatch), so it’s not a case of the same source contradicting itself. MDN is a news aggregator, so the juxtaposition of different headlines is common, but it’s usually without such a seeming conflict.

6 Responses to “One of These Headlines Does Not Go With The Other”

  1. Bob Hawley

    Full disclosure: I work for AT&T
    It’s simple but hard: manage your exit from a mature business (landline) while growing a new business (wireless, broadband). Jobs get shed from the old business while hiring continues at the new. Doing this in the face of declining demand in the new business coupled with declining demand in the old forces your hand just a smidge….

  2. Uhm, the firing story is about AT&T’s old landline business. The gravity-defying story is about AT&T’s newer wireless business. Seems odd, but that’s the new AT&T.

  3. This is simple business practice for publicly traded companies. The stock owners want to see an increase in revenue and the easiest way to increase revenue (they think) is to fire people. The only happy people are the stockholders.

  4. This is how corporations work these days. My company’s division just had it’s “best quarter ever”, yet we had layoffs a couple weeks ago. Forget laying off people as a last resort, now it happens just to keep profits from falling from current levels.