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Design Ads: Targeted Advertising for Designers

designadsI’ve recently been researching ways to promote my own site, at places like Facebook, among others.

The problem, as is always the problem with internet advertising, is finding a simple, cost effective way to bring my ads to potential customers who’re actually looking for my services. Google Ads are one way to try to insure you reach the people you intend to, but advertising networks are another.

Design Ads is a brand new network (doesn’t officially launch until 2009, in fact), which provides a targeted solution for those in the web design field. Ad network models are successful because they ensure a healthy cycle of targeted material that will remain fresh and relevant to viewers, so you’re ad won’t become stale or melt into the background by virtue of visitors seeing it every time they go to a specific site.

The people behind Design Ads clearly know their target market. They list among their discriminators for publishers the fact that the advertising is simple, and clutter free. Design blogs and online magazines will, after all, be more concerned than other outlets about the effect of advertising on their site’s layout. Revenue rates are reasonable, and are priced according to unique visitor statistics, not click-throughs.

One-at-a-time ads is a boon for advertisers, as well, since they will get the the exclusive focus of visitors to member sites. Cost of ads is variable, depending on a number of factors, including network membership and traffic numbers. Design Ads currently projects a cost of $2,500 per month, which isn’t that much if the network becomes your primary advertising outlet, as it is designed to be.

Design Ads is just getting started, and whether you’re looking to advertise, or you have a design site and want to generate some extra revenue, it might be a good time to get on board.

Full disclosure: Design Ads is operated by David Appleyard, who is a freelance contractor for TheAppleBlog, part of the GigaOmnimedia network.

One Response to “Design Ads: Targeted Advertising for Designers”

  1. Banner ads isn’t always the best solution. Organic advertising is sometimes the best way to get thins done.

    I will admit though, facebooks advertising campaign options are absolutely pronominal..