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GM Viability Plan Includes Smart-like Car: General Motors’ long-term viability plan, put together as part of its bailout plea to Congress, includes introducing a small four-passenger vehicle with better fuel economy than the Smart ForTwo. — Kicking Tires

Banks and Insurers Launch Climate Principles, Redux: Credit Agricole, HSBC, Munich Re, Standard Chartered, and Swiss Re have agreed to a best-practices framework called The Climate Principles. In February, another group of financial institutions unveiled a plan by the same name addressing climate risks in financing electric power plants. — Environmental Leader

Around the World in a Solar Car: The first solar-powered car to complete a trip around the world ended its 32,000-mile journey at the U.N. climate talks in Poznan, Poland today. — Associated Press

Recession Takes Toll on Cleantech Startups: CEO Bruce Jamerson of the ethanol company Mascoma says all companies in the clean-tech sector should consider cutting costs to make sure cash lasts as long as possible. — CNET

Chrysler Requests $7B for EV Production: Chrysler plans to ask Congress today for a $7 billion bridge loan to support production of more than 500,000 electric vehicles by 2013. — Green Car Congress

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