Coby: Midget PC for $100 soon


Midget_pc_cobyNetbooks are already getting pretty darn cheap but cheap gear giant Coby plans on breaking the $100 mark with their new "Midget" PCs.  They don’t want to call them netbooks because they are so much cheaper but they sure sound like netbooks.  They will offer the Midget in both a 7-inch and 9-inch screen size early next year and start at $99.95.  Coby has a tremendous retail channel and plans on offering the PoqetMate-7 and PoqetMate-9 in places like Rite-Aid.  You’ll soon be able to stop in a Rite-Aid for cold remedy and a netbook if you believe this.

(Indymedia via engadget)


Kyuichiro Nakamura

I would like to use the “Midget” PC with Debian Linux.
Is it allright to run Debian Linux on the “Midget” PC?
Will the “Midget” PC appear on Japanese market?


… and for Pete’s sake, put a 56k modem in this thing. The type of people who would be interested in a hundred dollar computer are the same type of people who won’t be shelling out for broadband internet.

It doesn’t matter how cheap the computer is, if it still costs a bunch of money to get on the internet.


If this thing includes a wireless adapter, and can run FireFox, it may be the most important computer release of the past twenty years.

When you’re hitting the hundred dollar mark, almost anyone can buy it. For some low income people it may still be too expensive to buy on a whim, but it’s an attainable number.

This is pretty darn exciting.

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