Reviewers Get Earful After Calling The BlackBerry Storm Buggy; But User Complaints Keep Coming


imageFollowing The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) review of the BlackBerry Storm that pegged the highly anticipated touchscreen as a “dud,” reviewer David Pogue dug into his mailbag to share with us some of the reactions he got from his scathing review. And, interestingly, he came to two conclusions: many people had the same difficulties with the device, if not more, and that there’s a new underdog in town — BlackBerry, with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) now the Goliath. He writes: “I’ve always thought that that vocal sub-population of Mac fans make up the world’s most-watchful, most-hostile grassroots lobbying arm. But now I see that I was wrong. There’s an even nastier one: the BlackBerry nuts.” After writing about our experiences with the Storm, and agreeing with Pogue, we also received a number of nasty complaints.

Meanwhile, complaints about the Storm continue to fall in sheets. From a comment on mocoNews: “After spending several weeks as part of a development team working on a port for a very well-known product for the Storm, we couldn


Tony Mobley

Longtime bb user with verizon and i tried the iphone this past august. loved the functionality of the Iphone however I cancelled the service yesterday due to the enormous amount of drop calls here in the D.C. area. So if your into cute "apps" and the safari browser its a good choice, i guess, but if you want a phone with substance go bb with verizon. i upgraded yest. as well to the storm from an 8830. One thang i know for sure is that i"ll be able to maintain a call as i travel around the city instead of spending half my damn day, returning drop calls. AT&T….some bars……in some places!


I have yet to see one of my friends or their friends, my collegues, friends of collegues with an iPhone!! everyone has a Blackberry!!!
I think RIM is one of the strongest companies out there and carries no debt. Yes i think things will slow down but with such a Social Networking scene out there people will want their little crackberry communicator!!
I cant wait to try a Storm out when they are released in Canada Dec 8th, i'm sure they will be sold out the day of release.


Let me begin by saying that you Mr pogue are a complete idiot.How in todays times can you possibly come out and critizise an item you barely even got to use it's been out for a week how can you form an opinion on it .Trial and error has made the foundation for better products you should know that so let me suggest that you give this new phone a couple of months to work out the kinks then if the problems persist you have a legitimate article to wirte .It is sad that people actually believe what you write because the truth is you are only concerned about getting some exposure and to hell with the company and the shareholders you hurt along the way .I ask you show a little more restraint and respect because in this economy when companies suffer real people lose jobs


Pogue, you are full of 'you know what'. Any Blackberry including the Storm is the best and most secure device on earth especially for email. Problem with the Storm is Verizon and not RIM. You put your corporate email account on a BES and you have no problems. You use Verizon internet email and then you will have problems until the bug fixes come(maybe next week). Most Blackberry users are 30-60 years of age. Most Iphone users are 18-30 years of age. With the aging population who will dominate the market? Seems like all the media including analyst are out to discredit RIM and promote Apple. Wait to RIM reports 4th quarter earings next year and then you will see that they actually gained market share especially since all the delays in 3rd quarter will just make the 4th quarter look so much better. Apple beat RIM to the touch screen technology but RIM had this technology years before Apple but decided to wait to implement.

Stop picking on RIM…they will be fine with or wi;thout analyst recommendations.

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