3 Responses to “Producers And Studios Stick To Their Guns, Reiterate Final Offer To Actors Guild”

  1. michelle morris

    This utterly sickens me. Let the actors(who lets face it, live in a bubblized surrealty, that is a total disconnect from the rest of us)strike. In these economically trying times, they want to abandon us, so that they can achieve what? An even more exorbitant sallary. or another gucci purse that cost $3000. Well you know what, I don't want to help you pay for it. You, who get on a stump and tell me the best way I should live my life. When you haven't a clue as to what my life is like.
    You are entertaining us not curing cancer. Oh and guess what, I have a mind of my own, and just because you say it's so doesn't mean I will blindly follow. As a matter of fact if you follow through with this strike I think I'll organize one of my own. That's right how would you like it, if when you were ready to go back to work a good portion of your audience is gone. What if we, you know regular people, decided we would go on strike, not watch tv not go to the movies. Families would strengthen, and maybe you would lose your foothold on the american political scene. Halelujah! Sounds like utopia to me. Yeah, go ahead and stike, now that I think about it, sounds like a great plan!

  2. Both sides have VERY good points. In this new universe of Internet, both sides are facing what hasn't occured since the 1930's with the invention of TV. Yes there are many ecconomic considerations for the masses just like the big 3 car bailout issues. BUT and let me stress but, the industry up for discussion is of the highest "intelectual property" realm and should not be taken lightly by anyone, regardless of how the economic impact will be influenced. In my humble opinion, only talking will assist in this quagmire of issues. By this I mean getting other individual organizations involved with the think-tank process and allowing each side to step back, see the negative rather than the positive causes a will of progress movement. No entity wants to be involved or around negativity as such it becomes is a huge motivating factor (whereas positive stimulates relaxation).

  3. Well better be good there in negotiation the strike threats from the actors’ guild.As some silly mistake can cause millions of loss productivity for the studios and producers.Just give them what they want.The actor's guild are just the same people like the ordinary guy which life's are severely affected by the economic meltdown.