Entertainment Trades: About 17 Layoffs at THR; Variety Closes DC Bureau; What About Print?

The bloodbath in media continues, and this time, at the West Coast entertainment trades. We have learned that Hollywood Reporter has done a new round of major layoffs, and about 17 people were let go. That includes people in editorial, art and production, and no senior business executives were affected, as far as we know. Also, no changes yet in the print frequency, though I would expect them to be looking hard at the print product as it exists now. The news was first reported by DHD, and no, the layoffs don’t constitute half of THR, but less than that.

Also, at Variety, which is in the process of being sold (or not) as part of Reed Business, some more cuts as well, as the publication has closed its DC bureau. And, as Nikki notes, it also has closed its Stylephile blog. There are likely more cuts happening or coming … more as we find out.

Update: Have been trying to get a sense if there has been any talks internally at these two companies on rethinking the print edition, and possibly playing with the frequency. Nothing concrete yet, but there has been ongoing speculation about the weekly version of Variety, and folding it into the daily edition. On THR, while publisher Eric Mika flatly denied any changes in print frequency internally today, expect something to give, including the same as Variety, the weekend print edition.