BBC Scotland Axes 70 Production And News Staff


BBC Scotland is to making 70 staff at its Glasgow HQ redundant as part of on-going restructuring plans, including 20 in news and current affairs according to PG. allmediascotland puts the figure at 76 and says this is the second round of job cuts following one that made 100 redundant earlier in the year although some new jobs are being created. BBC Scotland has yet to return our call to them for clarification today.

While not pleasant for those involved, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise for Beeb staff: last October Auntie announced it had an unwelcome £2 billion budget deficit and that overall costs would have to be slashed by 12 percent and the news and current affairs budget by five percent. Under the Creative Futures plan to solve these problems, the BBC will cut 2,500 jobs over six years, 230 in Scotland. Some Scottish staff and the production of programmes like Question Time will be moving out of Glasgow to the Beeb’s new Salford complex. On Monday the BBC said it was axing 210 of the 740 staff in its Resources department, adding up to some serious long-term savings.

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