Watch Alabama vs. Florida in the SEC Championship Football Game Online


NOTE: For those of you looking for the 2009 SEC Championship Game between Florida and Alabama online, please click here.

I don’t follow college football, but about 10 years ago a good friend of mine somehow got me hooked on the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, and it’s been the only team I keep up with ever since. After almost a decade of heartbreak and “rebuilding” years, the Tide is undefeated and once again in its rightful place atop the NCAA rankings and will crush the No. 2 Florida Gators in the SEC Championship game this weekend. The icing on the cake? CBS is live-streaming the game for free on the web and on mobile.

For those who want to watch the big game online, visit on Saturday, Dec. 6 at 4:00 p.m. ET to catch all the action. Wireless customers who subscribe to the MediaFLO service can watch the game live on CBS Mobile as well. (A preview of the game is embedded here.)

This event will cap off a big year for sports online. From March Madness, to Major League Baseball, from the U.S. Open golf championship to the U.S. Open tennis finale, online is becoming a prime place to put live sports content online.

So, who will win and move on to the national championship game? I’ve got two words for you: ROLL TIDE!


Chris Harley

look bama won and thats all there is to it. florida lost and tebow cried. chomp chomp. is the past ROLL TIDE ROLL IS THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE. 13-0 season so shut the FU** up your florida gator BIT**** and all you gator fans suck A**


bama rules and florida drools no wonder bama won tebow stinks and they lost 32-13 go bama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can anyone really view the game online for free? I cannot miss the game, but Im all the way in Sweden so i need to rely on the internet.
This just sounds too good to be true. Does CBS have any requirements to watching it live?

Tyler Walton )()()(

Id put a hundred dollars on bama this year. Harvin had 2 touchdowsn for them last year in the SEC champ. and wheres he aat now? exactly. tebows a one man team that cant beat a qwhole great defense by himself. ROLL TIDEE

matt from Bama

hey dude Roll Tide but get your stats right, Harvin was hurt during last years SEC game.


Florida will only have played two ranked teams this year AFTER the Bama game. Bama will have played five ranked teams. I cannot believe Florida is ranked over Alabama. All I can say is RMFT!

Carole A

Hey Chris..
You have your date wrong! Saturday is the 5th, not the 6th! Go
Gators beat Bama!

Jim King

Every sunday Im looking to watch nfl games and sometimes I cant find the one I want. However I found this site and I was able to choose from all the games to watch. So hopefully if your looking for live nfl games on the web you too can find it there..enjoy.

Brandon F.

No Doubt, ALABAMA rolls over another over rated team 13-0 baby!!!!!!!!!!

Rich in Tennessee

Bama Hasn;t beat anybody this year, and they won;t beat Florida. I work down in Bama all the time and it freaks me out, their teams can’t decide what they are….Bama is a Tide, Ocean with bacteria or algae explosions, Red Tide….or Are They REALLY and Elephant? Auburn is a Tiger or are they REALLY an Eagle? What the Hey?

Chomp-Chomp-Chomp go the Gators…..or are they really salt water Crocodiles?……..Either way the tide will be crimson with elephant blood as the Gators slowly swim away with the SEC Championship!


first off your an idiot they havent lost at all this year and they whoopt the gators chop chop my az

Allen G.

If you thought the Gators are quick, wait till they get on the artificial turf of the Georgia Dome. Gators rule Bama drools.

matt from Bama

well, all these football geniuses didnt see that beat down coming. Bama didnt play anybody? find a tougher schedule, year-in year-out. So many Bama haters, just mad because we(fans) stick it out through the hard times and dont divert to other sports when our football teams arent fitting the bill. Just suck it up, Roll Tide!!

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