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Speedie Date, Prop. 8 The Musical: NTV Station Today

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Everyone else is linking to it (including Chris this morning, but that’s because it’s kind of the funniest thing on the Internet today. Funny or Die brings us Prop 8: The Musical, making the case for repealing the California anti-gay-marriage proposition in musical form. Everyone famous in the world is in it. Enjoy.

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And we also look at Speedie Date, which mines the institution of speed-dating for dramedy purposes. Find out more about the new Strike.TV series, including its plans for Season 2, at NewTeeVee Station!

5 Responses to “Speedie Date, Prop. 8 The Musical: NTV Station Today”

  1. Prop 666

    It was a bizarre piece, however. Characterizing the proponents of Proposition 8 as being motivated ostensibly by religion — but then surreptitiously by greed — was even more shallow than the runtime would have seemed.

    Many of the folks who voted for it, did so because they’re aware of other social experiments involving recognition of same-sex marriage that have failed miserably. While there must be at least a portion of the Nay voters who simply wanted to give the gays what they want in the hopes they’d finally shut up.

  2. Toadee reply

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