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Quordy: Boggle for the iPhone

I have a love/hate relationship with the $2.99 Quordy. While probably one of the better, if not the best, word related puzzle game, and the most addictive game I’ve played thus far, it is a bit frustrating when for me to complete a round only to find that my score is much lower than what is possible due to a plethora of the most obscure of words, for example: koa, eme, and lez (really?). The wild thing is that these are all part of the TWL06 official Scrabble list, so if you are like me and not much of a word maven, you will find yourself scratching your head at a lot of these so-called words.

With that said, Quordy is the iPhone/iPod touch equivalent of Boggle. You have a 4×4 grid and, by default, three minutes to find as many 3+ letter words as possible. When you’ve decided on a word, just tap the first letter and then drag your finger to the subsequent letters in a connect the dots fashion to the adjacent tiles in any direction — even in a zig-zag motion.

The game offers a decent number of options, letting you alter the difficulty, including changing the minimum letter requirements for the words from three to four or five, changing the time duration from three minutes to either one, five, or none (i.e. unlimited time), and adjusting the word list from the full TWL06 to the safe version which excludes profanities or the lite version which purportedly only contains “common” words.

Quordy also features a two player mode which allows you to challenge another player to top your score on a given board. You have the option for either “Pass and Play,” which lets you and another player play on the same touch device, or via an online challenge that will email a link to the board to another Quordy player to compete at their leisure. In both versions, once player two has completed their turn, you will get a side-by-side comparison of the words found and the overall score dictating the victor.

Overall, the gameplay is solid and, again, highly addictive, and only made better by the fact that you can play the game solely with one hand. If I had to make any gripes about the game, I would say the interface could be a bit more refined, but since you spend the majority of time focusing on the letter tiles, chances are it wouldn’t even matter.

4 Responses to “Quordy: Boggle for the iPhone”

  1. I go back and forth between Quordy and Wurdle – I dig that I can send a challenge to someone else via Quordy, and that the tiles rotate, and especially the thinner feel to the line that traces the letters. But Wurdle sure is nice looking.